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Rhapsody "favorites" list and on-the-go playlist


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Often I'll be listening to a Rhapsody music channel in a room with no display or TS remote, only a 6-button or SR-250. I would love to have the ability to send a command to C4 to add the current Rhapsody song to an "On The Go" or instant playlist, like the old iPods did when you'd hold the center button. For me, there's no good way to find out what the current song is that's playing, since I have no displays and the song name doesn't show on the SR-250 display (also wish this feature existed!).

If I could set up a press-and-hold on a button on my 6-button (say, hold for 4 seconds and the button light would flash for a moment) and have the song added to a list I can check later (or even better, a playlist), that would be a great feature. Or similarly from an SR-250, programming one of the colored buttons or the * button that when Rhapsody is active, that button will add the current song.

I almost ALWAYS use Rhapsody in "random" or Channel mode, instead of playing specific artists... so this would be very useful to me.

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