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HI Folks, I have a multi room environment and thought I could use my Apple TV and Control4 with the extravegatables plug in. Boy I was wrong. I cannot get it to work properly in my environment. The zones do not display. If one starts Apple TV music in one room it starts playing in the room it was last playing in. I cannot believe I got suckered into buying the plugin when it clearly does not work. Having contacted Extra Vegetables they simply refer to a bug in the apple docking station software and claim no responsibility. Their product may work in a simple single room environment but please don't take it into a multi-room environment. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!

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Ok. I get it. You have a beef here but your facts seem a bit off. ATV does not use a docking station ? Can you fill in the details of your setup, what version of director are you running, how is you ATV connected to your system (A/V switch ? Which kind ?), or are you digitizing the ATV via a controller ?

There may or may not be someone here that can help you but with out the proper facts that can't happen.

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