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Add IR driver of lighting device


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hello every one

I need to create an IR controlled driver to be placed in "light" section of drivers.

So that i can see it enabled in "lights" button of navigator.

1) i have tried editing already existed lighting control device, but composer do not allow us to make IR control rather, shows lua script.

2) If i , use any other IR controlled device to edit it according to my requirements, It does not add itself in lighting controlled device, and hence I cannot see it in navigator as "light"...............

please suggest me any solution

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Haven't got composer in front of me to try though would the following work

1) create an IR driver to control the light such as AV receiver

2) put a C4 lighting driver into the desired room

3) use programming to turn the light on when light level > 0 and off when light level = 0

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Thankx for the reply!

Well, there are some issues.

1) Wont i would have to recognize my AV device to be connected with network as i am not really installing that device?

2) I am not using C4 lighting, rahter its Leviton D3200, and i want its remote to be learned , and add that device as IR controlled.

But i do not get any option to add an IR device in "lighting" :(

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