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WiFi Speakers can be Synced with Wired Speakers!


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WiFi will Sync with Wired Speakers!

I don't know how or why, I have a few ideas why, but you can sync WiFi with the Wired Speakers when listening to "Radio" or "Digital Music." The real issue for me was with the "Radio."

Here's how you do it...

Start listening to "Radio" in any room, then add ALL Zones in your house, then the WiFi will be synced up. After that, deselect the rooms you don't want and the WiFi will still be synced up.

Note: When I deselect the rooms I don't want I just deselect all rooms and reselect the rooms I want before pressing "OK."

Hope this helps.

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This is my first time to log on this site, this is my fisrt c4 project: in my project, has one hc200 controller, 7" portable touch screen, wireless speaker point . all these devices are in living room, and hc200 has one usb device stored MP3 music files , the problem is the speaker point can not output any audio

please give me some information about my problem,thanks!

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