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End of Summer Cleaning


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Hi All,

I have decided to change how I use Control4 in the bedrooms. I was going to use MTS in the bedrooms, but have decided to go with remotes instead. The wife and son like it better, so they win. Not as cool looking, but . . .

I have 3 3.5" Mini Touch Screens V1 for sale. All are in current working order and are at 1.7.4. Looking for $150/each

1 is ethernet

2 are Wifi

I have two white face plates and one black - so first come in color choice gets it.

I also have one black table top kit that is black. $15

I also have one NEW dimmer - LDZ-102-W - left that I planned on using but it doesn't look like I won't be. $85

I will sell individually or as a lot, so please feel free to make any reasonable offers. Shipping for individual items should be $5-10 but we can work that out.

Send me an email with any questions/offers. Thanks for looking


edit: edit Wifi vs Ethernet

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