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question on controlling amps. thinking of consolidating much of home's gear in rack in basement. right now some of the amps can be controlled via:

a) included 12V relays on amp itself (parasound multichannel amp has this)

B) into a filter (belkin pureAV i have now) that itself has a 12v-in relay and a 'switched' section of outlets

c) by hand, from a furman power filter, QSC amps without triggers are like this now

the latter © is what i want to avoid since they'll all be down in the basement, plus if I consolidate, (B) won't have enough outlets (or current capacity) for all of my amps... so, do you recommend more of what i have (pureAV like products with 12V triggers for a switched group), or can you recommend something like a smart powerstrip that is serial addressable with the specific outlets/ports controlable via serial? (in the IT world we have this, and I have used many, but they're snmp/web controllable, we call them PDUs) but i'm assuming we'd want serial if c4 is to control it, yes?

what's the best practice for switching on/off non-12v-relay amps in a central c4 based install?


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