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A/V configuration- use receiver with tv some of the time


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Hello Group,

I'm new to the group and C4 and have some questions about C4 A/V configuration.

I would like to _optionally_ use a stereo receiver for TV audio for certain

sources (i.e, I don't want to use it to watch the news but do want it

for movies). I currently have the system configured with the

primary video endpoint selected to the receiver and the secondary

to the TV. If I select Watch->DVR I can watch TV with teh DVR input

and the volume control on the remote works the TV. So far, so good.

If I then select Listen->receiver the receiver turns on and the sound plays

through it with the volume control on the remote controlling the receiver.

Also good. Unfortunately, the DVR motion controls are inactive because the

receiver was that last device selected. Bad! If I reselect Watch->DVR the DVR

controls now work but the volume control is bound to the TV.

Can this be adjusted so the volume control operates the receiver and the

motion controls operate the DVR? If not, could the colored buttons be used

to control the receiver volume?

More generally, how do the video select, video volume, and video endpoints

work together?

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You got me on the right path, thanks. What I wound up doing is programming the blue button to toggle the receiver power and adding commands for the volume and mute buttons to send commands to the rcvr if the tv power is on. It sends volume commands to both the tv and rcvr, but that's OK. I tried getting a bit fancier but the latency was excessive.

Thanks again.

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