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Replacement for Speakercraft MZC66 - recommendations


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I have a C4 HC500 married up to a Speakercraft MZC66 as my AV switch and amplifier for 6 zones (only 4 are video). The MZC has now started acting up and I have lost amplification on 2 audio zones and the quote to repair out here in South Africa is not economical.

My question is what AV switches (preferably with onboard audio amplifiers) would the forum members recommend I replace the MZC66 with? I would prefer to replace with something that handles both HD and composite video singles as two zones at least will handle HD video. This will allow me to add an HD satellite receiver which I currently cannot do. All rooms have CAT6 running to them (some with multiple lines) so I would want something that possibly uses/can use CAT5/6 as the distribution infrastructure.

I trust the above makes sense. Any advice or suggestions are most welcome.

Kind Regards


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