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Something I had to be educated about when I first started looking at Control4 was that even though the SR-150 and SR-250 appear to be like other remotes, they actually only work on RF, they do not control anything via IR. That means that you are going to have to control your TV via an IR flasher attached to a C4 home controller (unless you are lucky enough to have a TV with RS-232 serial control). If you don't have a home controller int he same room, this is goign to (most likely) require wire to be pulled. Definitely requires you to involve your dealer to add the TV driver to your project, regardless.

Hope that helps,


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thanks Steve. I only replaced the TV. The old TV was already integrated into C4 with the IR flasher. All works fine except for powering up my new TV. I have to use the remote that came with the TV to turn it on, then use the R250 which then works fine with all C4 options, i.e., TV, lights, radio, thermostat, etc. I simply want to integrated the original TV remote's power button into the R250. Thanks again.

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