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I want to add a few cameras to my house / Control4 system. The front and back doors are "pre-wired" by my builder. God only knows what that means. I actually need to remove the plates at those sites and see what wires are there. I'm actually asking about a couple of other places first.

I'd like to be able to monitors the kids' rooms, but those rooms aren't "prewired" per say, except that there's CAT5 in those rooms and plugs. Do ya'll have some recommendations for cameras for the kids' rooms? I guess I'd prefer wireless in regards to access to my network, just to give me flexibility in placement, but I'd be up for recommendations for wired cameras as well. Obviously cameras that work and play well with Control4 are a must.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at the BL-C210A and the BL-C230A (wired vs wireless). Are there drivers for those two cameras? Can Control4 control the pan and tilt functions of those cameras? Is anyone using these cameras? Do they like them?

If not, does anyone have any other specific suggestions?

Thanks again for the all the help.

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Well, setting the 210 up with my Mac did not work well at all, so I had to boot into Windows 7 and fix it that way - it was painless. Once I did I could access the camera from my Mac/iPad without a lot of headache.

I like the camera and the control you get over it. I wanted to be able to monitor the kids' rooms with them. Unfortunately, their low light function is horrible so keeping an eye on them when they sleep isn't really an option. I couldn't see a thing. They're young enough, I'm thinking I might just put a lamp in their room on an automated dimmer, bring that up enough to take a peak, and shut it all down.

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