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Calling all Tivo Premire owners .... Tivo meet iPad ... iPad meet Tivo


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I just downloaded it this morning. This is one of the main reasons I upgraded my Series 3 units to the Premieres. So far, so good on the iPad app. Very easy to install. Just download and enter the Media Access Key from your Tivo. Just like the Premiere itself, the menus can be a little sluggish as far as loading extra content. When you scroll through now playing lists, or the guide. That's mainly because it looks up and links to so much additional content. On the app, when you select a program it automatically displays lists of actors in the show/movie, then select the explore tab, it displays the synopsis (with season and episode number), a thumbnails of the show, the cast (and sometimes crew) and other similar shows you may like. Selecting a cast member shows birthdate and place, along with other TV shows and movies they've appeared in. Select another of the shows or movies and you have the option to record (if on TV) or get from Amazon.com or Netflix.

The actual remote control of the box is snappy, just like the IP driver for the SR-250.


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