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Which media player should I use?


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Hello Everyone,

I am building a C4 system and have a question. I am going to be distributing video to 4 room using a HDMI matrix switch. The main room will have a HC300, the others will have HC200's. I currently owne about 400 dvds and 60 blurays. I want to rip all my dvds to a NAS drive and use a media player for them. And from what I have read I think I am better off getting a Sony 7000es mega changer for my blurays because ripping and storing them is a long and expensive option. I would like to know if I will be able to search the media player and the bluray from the movie tab on my Navigator? And also which media player works the best with C4? Keep in mind I work for Best Buy so would like to buy my equipment from them so I can use my discount.


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You will see the bluray player and media players videos all on one screen under movies provided you have a media player with a driver. For example in no particular order, xbmc, netgear, control4, or dune media player.

Thanks, that is what I thought

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