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When editing my drivers, the HTC will lock up. Then when I press emit, nothing happens. The Ir bugs don't light, therefore the ir bugs don't emit anything. The only way to get the HTC to react again is to unplug it and start all over again.

Any ideas as to what may be causeing this? Any help is really appreciated.

Update: I believe it's during my driver learn process hat te system locks up. It seems to only happen when the HTC indicates that it acknlodges an alternate code. And at that point it locks up. Any ideas as to what my solution might be? Any help is really appreciated.

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There is a known bug with both the HTC and Media Controller when learning IR codes.

I had the exact same problem... which frustrates the heck out of you and waists a lot of time!

They have a fix for this... email me and I will email it to you with the instructions, or call your C4 technical help. BTW - not all C4 tech's know about this problem or fix.


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