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Control4 Software update requires new remotes?


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In recently asked my local control4 dealer about updating my control4 software to utilize some of the new apps I've been reading about. I currently have I was told if they do any upgrades, I will have to replace all my old remotes (rcz-src2-B) to the "new shiny black ones". Is this correct? If so, why would this be?

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There could also be other hardware in your system that might need to be replaced to upgrade to the latest software.

The latest 2.0 software and soon to be released 2.1 require additional system resources. These new version will run on the original HC-300/HC-200 but could be slower. You might need to add additional HC-300 or HC-200 to run your system.

There is no way to determine this without detailed information about your current system. You dealer could give you a full assessment.

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