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Atlona-ProHD88-sr 8:8:2 Video Matrix


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Anyone have any experience integrating this hdmi/cat6 matrix switcher into a control4 project? I am interested in converting my aviatrix component matrix switcher to an HDMI/cat6 switcher.

I have heard that the IR control goes the wrong way and Atlona is working on a firmware upgrade to allow for bidirectional IR.

Any information would be appreciated regarding implementation of this product with control4.

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i'm currently using this and love it. it was a little overkill but i will grow into it.

i use a mix of outputs depending upon distance. Direct HDMI or Cat6 Balun's. the Baluns IRs work well. in 3 of my rooms i'm currently using my iphone client to control the sources selection and simply use a Standard IR DirecTV remote for general surfing and TV control. since the main source of viewing in these locations is DirecTV which is located in my AV Rack, the Balun's IR receivers work very well with the DirecTV remote.

as for IR transmision i have a Contro4 Extender in my AV rack and use a Coax cable to run the IR transmitter back up to the room to control the TV.

i wired my house with spare CAT5e/6/Coax and RapidRun (HDMI) to every room so this wasnt an issue for me.

hope this helps.

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