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  1. I need to replace the power supply in my Media Controller so I can get access to the project stored in it. Anyone have a power supply or MC (working or not as long as power supply is ok) let me know. Thanks, Doug
  2. Looking for a used ea3 to replace an OG Media Controller.
  3. I have an OG media controller that died the other day. I plan on buying a used controller and I'm trying to understand what the 'biggest upgrade' would be if I (a) want to spend $200 or less; and (b) isn't going to obsolete my light switches and thermostats; Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
  4. Great, ty. Any suggestion on the best controller choice to replace an original media controller? I'd like to purchase something used under $200.
  5. That's why im asking. I havent been back here for a while and havent had a chance to look around. In the past most dealers wouldnt do it and would say you had to work with whatever dealer had 'your area'. If anyone can service anyone now thats great.
  6. OK, has anyone had experience with the dealers selling time by the hour on eBay?
  7. I have a similar situation. My media controller just died. My dealer went out of business about 9 years ago. I have a license for COmposer HE. Would I be able to buy something like a used HC800 on eBay and program it with Composer HE? Do I have other options? I just want to be able to do it myself and not have to go to a dealer. I mostly want it to stream music via airplay, control a few control4 lights and thermostats. thx
  8. How do you dim the LEDs on the dimmers or light switches. They are so bright at night I can practically read by them.
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