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  1. The possibilities are almost endless if only C4 made it easier for the community to develop this and other integration features.
  2. I prefer inceiling speakers I like the uncluttered and unobtrusive look. As much of a geek that I am, I typically hide the tech. Once the hole is cut you won't ever notice.
  3. Just to be clear (I'm sure I'm stating the obvious), a media player is the device that connects to you TV and plays media stored locally or remotely (LAN or internet). The NAS is a device primarily for storing your media. I'm happy with my 4 bay QNAP NAS for storing media. I use a first generation Apple TV rinning XBMC and Boxee for my content. I don't care for conent from the Internet. My content is primarily DVDs I rip (play as ISO or h.264 videos) or divx files I download. You'll have to consider the UI, integration and media support requirements.
  4. I have the original SheevaPlug. I experimented with it and desperately wanted to cone up with an idea to integrate into my home automation projects. I experimented with using it as a NAS put eventually got a proper nas. It would be great to run a web based c4 navigator. I'm also been intrigued with Chip Pc's Jack PC. Www.chippc.com. Combined with Remote Desktop/terminal services. Citrix or VMware would provide a great thin client. The iPhone could be a great thin client if it would only support a mouse.
  5. This is some of the most exciting news I've seen for a long time. I still dont know why everyone insists on 1080. All my content is SD and I'm happy with that. I think 720p woul be great. 1080 takes up even more storage apace. Definitely makes me want to jailbrake my iPhone and iPad. I use the original ATV still since I distribute video turlough my home using component over Ethernet baluns.
  6. No HDD is ideal. Makes it cheaper, smaller and cooler/green. In my opinion, a media streamer is not where you want to store a media library. Use a proper NAS for your media.
  7. Apple is going to shake up audio distribution in the household with AirPlay. AirPlay lets you stream music throughout your entire house — wirelessly. AirPlay wireless technology will be fully integrated into speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems from companies such as Bowers & Wilkins and Denon. So you can enjoy your entire iTunes library — every song and every playlist — wirelessly. http://www.apple.com/itunes/airplay/
  8. No surprise that Apple isn't supporting playback from ISO or other containers/codecs. Jobs reiterated it is still a hobby and a market no one has been able to crack yet (probably because average consumers don't understand what it is). Boxee or XBMC is still the best option for playing non-HD media. I rip my DVDs and have no interest to jump into BD yet. The event did state that consumers what HD. Some important notes from todays event: -No component video on the new Apple TV -No mention of iOS on the Apple TV (which brings iAds and the all so important SDK) -I'm very surprised Netflix is available to distract consumers away from the iTunes Store -Ping social networking could also move into Movies and TV and respond to Boxee's social networking. AirPlay! It looks like Apple is licensing the technology to A/V equipment manufacturers. This would allow streaming of audio (and Video?) from iPhone/iPod/iPad directly to A/V equipment. This is ideal for when I have guests and they want to play something from their iPod. When will C4 embed this into HC300, 4-zone amp or speaker point?
  9. I do not have 2.0 to test. I've read the change logs and I believe it will still work.
  10. It is easy for the Mac/PC monitor to send commands to control4. Look at some of my previous posts on the C4 Soap API. You can send a command simply by telnetting to the C4 controller.
  11. I've never used the twitter driver. Does it monitor a twitter feed and rake action based on the results? Or does it just display the tweet on one of the C4 interfaces? As I said, the syslog monitor would contain a list of regular expressions. When there is a match, it could trigger and action. Regular Expression 1 do Macro 1 Regular Expression 2 do Macro 2 Regular Expression 3 do Macro 3 Get it?
  12. Here's how I see something like this working: 1. A PC or Mac program monitors for syslog events. 2. When a syslog event occurs, the PC or Mac program sends an action (or triggers a macro) on the C4. Configuration of the syslog monitor would contain "syslog event string to match" with a corresponding "C4 macro to trigger". It's actually very easy to do. The big assumption is that you have a device that is able to generate the syslog even you are looking for. Could also do this for Growl.
  13. I'm looking for one or two LCD Keypads or Ethernet Mini Touch Screens shipped to Canada.
  14. Now tar I think of it, syslog integration could be used for many types of things.
  15. Nothing built-in to C4. I can imagine two approaches: 1) A driver that integrates with the access point (probably via syslog) to monitor for the event. I'm not sure What the event looks like in my access point. 2). Integrate with a network based IDS like snort to monitor the events.
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