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  1. I have the same LED problem with 1.3.2. Sometimes the custom on/off colors revert to the defaults. Even if it's set to managed or unmanaged.
  2. You may be able to do it using the green. It depends on the device outputing the picture. Some devices, like cable boxes, output voltage even if they're off.
  3. Try connecting from the navigator interface. Either the On-Screen display or a touch screen.
  4. That's not what RyanE meant. You need to go into the driver editor and make a macro.
  5. That is just how control4 works. If you went under the media tab and manually input the name of the DVDs that are in the changer, then you could visually select the DVD (like you were using the 777) and it would select the right dvd.
  6. Right click on the TV name and click edit driver. Then change the delay after powering on. Its on the page about selecting the discrete codes.
  7. You can combine the on and off onto one button. You just need to press and hold for dimming.
  8. zipperman19

    Blinking LEDs

    you can even do it without a loop (with a work around) if you're using home edition. It just requires a little more programming.
  9. Found it...http://c4forums.com/attachment.php?item=76
  10. I asked the same question a few months ago here. People aren't doing much with them. The only example I got was for controling a garage door status.
  11. Well both of these videos were posted up by jwhitakerrev on youtube, and there is also a jwhitaker who is a dealer on here. Maybe he cares to shed some light into this? Real or fake? http://www.oceansbridge.com/art-videos/video/qxcXX4-xs7k/Win-Nav-for-control4.html
  12. Hey everyone, I was messing around on youtube tonight and stumbled up these two cool videos. One of them is a video of someone using WinNavigator and a Blackberry Navigator on their control4 system. Both of them look really cool. Think we'll ever see them? http://youtube.com/watch?v=qxcXX4-xs7k http://youtube.com/watch?v=4jUhBLBg2Z0
  13. There's no way to have the navigator change rooms other than to manually change it. Aren't most MTSs fixed? And even if it was portable, it would still go to the default room after being moved. Why do you need to keep using it change rooms? Lights, Video, Audio? Maybe you could play around with media scenes to get the same functionality without switching rooms? What's your setup like?
  14. You could also using control4 to turn of the TV than using TVs sleep function. You could come up with a creative LED color on a keypad for different amounts of time. Or just have the system send a "Turn Room Off" command in the morning.
  15. Sorry...I should have said that the colors change back after a few days. They will usually stick for a while, then they randomly go back. And it does it on a switch by switch basis. For instance, if the button on the keypad in the kitchen (that controls the kitchen ceiling light) changes colors, every button that controls that same load will lose its color. Its as if its getting an update from the switch.
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