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  1. is there a place i can download the older software
  2. is there a way to update my controller to 2.5.3, i currently have 2.0.4 installed on my director. Can someone help me update or send me the version i need
  3. I have a quick question, I want to understand how the sr-250 remote will work with my directv box, I want to locate the directv box in a closet will the sr-250 control satellite box. I just want a better understanding on how it works together.
  4. i have a hc-300 and was wondering what remote is compatible, i am running 1.8 and zigbee pro. What options do I have.
  5. anyone know where i can get the usb restore software for my hc-300
  6. The unit was given to me, i never had it working. I have dimmers and remote. I guess a usb restore will do the trick, the only thing is i have no access to it.
  7. First off, thanks for all the help. I am currently not a dealer, so i can't log in to the knowledge base. As for the usb restore, I don't have access to that. If anyone can help, let me know.
  8. the controller is 1.7 and the director is 1.7, I can't find the setting to enable zserver, it only shows zserver2 enabled, is there suppose to a place where i can enable zserver and disable zserver2
  9. im on 1.7 i am not running zigbee pro. How can i fix that. Thanks.
  10. i am running composer and director 1.7, for some reason i cant register my remote v1, dimmers, and thermostat. I noticed that on system manager i see zserver disabled and zserver2 enabled. Is this the reason why i cant register my devices. Can someone please help '
  11. what do you mean codeman at the soho shop, doesnt ring a bell.
  12. i recently purchased an hc300 but it did not have a remote, i purchased a remote from ebay for that box. I neeed help with programming, I am new to the control4 scene. Can someone please help and explain how to set up and or operate this box. Thank you
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