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  1. Wonder if the network adapter needs reinstalling. I have had something like this due to another piece of software installing the same type of tap adapter. Reinstall composer, this should reinstall the adapter.
  2. Did you say prior to infinity touch?? Did they have poe?
  3. The security firm want to install Axis but at over a grand a go i dont think the customer will go for them!!
  4. Apologies, there wasnt a drive it was a thread about a driver! the reply was "i just did one the other day, modified a ysp code and worked mint! ysp 4000 discrete power works on it, just learn sources and your good " not sure if that helps!!!
  5. I Have seen a driver for the 101 on the official C4 forum somewhere but not sure on its capabilities. Have a look it may help! Cheers
  6. I hope Sony are on the list , most security only firms who supply to some of our jobs only use Sony! Most security firms wont touch Lilin or Panasonic only sony or Axis!!!! Anyone had success with sony IP cameras working on the touchpanels? Cheers
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