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  1. Liftmaster 8550 looks pretty good, and has good reviews. Thanks! I would like to add a keypad outside of the garage, so we can walk in and out of it as well. Are people using the garage company keypads? Or something different, that has deeper Control4 integration.
  2. My extremely old garage door opener finally died, so I am looking to get a new one... Does anyone have a really good garage door opener with good C4 integration, that they can recommend? Thanks!
  3. Hi Alan, I would love to get a copy as well. Is it still available? Thanks! Brett
  4. Does anyone have a driver/hardware solution to send USB keyboard commands, perhaps with the following setup: Control4 RS232 -> USB on computer
  5. Is the dual audio out actually useful? This would really only be useful if I had music on external storage, correct? This does not help with TuneIn, AirPlay, or any other network sources?
  6. What features would I be missing if I went with HC250 (besides processor)?
  7. I've been searching, but can't find it. Is there a good comparison of HC250 vs HC800. I am considering upgrading. Few things I want to do: Get a Media Bridge Add Garage integration What I have: HC200 C4-16AMP3 10xDimmers 5x6 buttons Thermostat Kwikset
  8. Sorry guys, got this resolved a while back. Probably did a factory reset. Setting to resolved. :-D
  9. That was it! Not sure how I missed it the first few times. Thanks dogdvr!
  10. Hi All, I just purchased a matrix that is 4 HDMI in and HDMI+Stereo out for Output A, and HDMI only out for Output B. I tried making a drive and all of the IR works as expected, and everything that is connected to HDMI shows up as expected, but for the Stereo (RCA), I do not see the connected components. I would expect to seem them for each room that is connect to my 8-room Amp. In the Driver I have the following: Each Input - HDMI Audio/HDMI Video Output A - Stereo (RCA) - I exclude HDMI here since I wasn't using it Output B - HDMI Audio/HDMI Video Any tips as to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks, Brett
  11. Anyone know the proper settings using Mac "say" to create WAV files?
  12. That is what I was looking for, I search around and couldn't find the functionality. I'll have to check that out when I get home!
  13. Anyone have any recommendation on implementing the following?: If One Room is On, set Current Room to same Audio So for example: 1) In Bedroom, press a button 2) Check and see if Living Room is On If On: 3) Select same audio source as Living Room If Off: 3) Select default audio source That way if I start off listening to something in the Living Room and then walk into Bedroom, it takes one button to continue listening.
  14. Badass! Love free and open source drivers. Thanks negativesir!
  15. I got my Kwikset Zigbee lock for $120(US) on eBay And it didn't require buying a driver.
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