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  1. It may be running Embernet. I had one that behaved the same, and getting into the diag screen took several tries with timing to get it to work. Hit List (once or twice) to get into the menu. Then 2, 4, 8, 6, #, *, List. You should be able to get to the diag screen that way. Note: the differences in the sequence. I got out an old controller and was able to upgrade it once I figured out it was definitely on Embernet.
  2. Ok, I just got my Echo Wednesday night and had this all setup in 30 min. This is freaking cool! The commands execute very fast. I have it centrally located in a great room that connects multiple rooms and I can see this being useful for a lot of routine things. I have it turning lights on and off, executing scenes, controlling a ceiling fan, switching media sources, etc. Of course, now my mind begins to ponder the possibilities of having a true (non-Hue-based) driver and being able to customize more what Alexa understands. Amazon nailed the voice recognition here. If they handle the platf
  3. Bump! So, this issue is still happening. It's my own system, so I never seem to have time to fiddle with it anymore or time to call support. But, over the past few months, I've taken the Card Access motions out of the equation. Issue still happens. I setup a ZAP for the most problematic rooms on a nearby HC-250 with a separate mesh and added nearby devices. Issue still happens. I recreated all Advanced Lighting Scenes from scratch and deleted the old ones, thinking that I may have made mistake in converting the old scenes, and there could be residual XML leftover from those. Issue stil
  4. Hey guys, I've been seeing some intermittent issues with a few of my lighting scenes since 2.6. Before 2.6 they were solid. The issue is the lights don't come on (or off sometimes) when the scenes are triggered. Scenes show that they are active, but loads actually aren't. I have LED changes happening when the scenes should fire and those always happen. I have keypads linked to the scenes and their LEDs change, even if the loads don't actually turn on (or off). I'm seeing issues in 3 rooms primarily. All 3 rooms have Card Access motion sensors (other rooms have them without issues). Progr
  5. I use 2 buttons on a 6KP for audio all over the place. 4 - vol up - press and hold & pulse 5 - vol down - press and hold & pulse 4 - double click - skip forward 5 - double click - mute toggle 4 - triple click - turn on room, play default source 5 - triple click - turn off room Godzilla - how are you toggling stations/playlists code-wise? Really wish I could manually trigger Spotify playlists
  6. Nope, but now that you mention it, I probably haven't had much experience with multiple announcements happening while I'm playing Sonos. Definitely have had one announcement go off, several different times.. I'll try and test that out. -J
  7. Yep, use it all the time w/EV Sonos driver
  8. Not sure I understand exactly what you're saying, but I can say I have announcements working fine with my Sonos setup. I have only one ZP120. It's using an input on my C4 amp and my HC-800 is using another. Sonos is playing across 3 zones right now actually. I'll add another ZP120 the day I need to have 2 different sources playing at the same time. The Sonos apps (mobile and desktop) get used in my house more than C4 interfaces to interact with the Sonos, since the driver is missing music services and features that Sonos supports. But, the stuff that is supported by the driver works well via C
  9. Depending if your alarm has a driver for C4, answer should be yes. I have a GE NX-8e, and I use door sensors to trigger programming in C4, which works great. Also have some motion sensors, too. I will say that the motions are a little slower to respond than the Card Access zigbee ones, so factor that in depending on where you want to use them.
  10. I would upgrade that controller for sure. There's performance calculators that will tell you whether your setup is too much for the controller or not. But, purely off-the-cuff based on how many devices you're running, I would definitely put in an HC-800...or even an old HC-1000. There might be something else going on with your network config, but regardless, I think you'll see a major improvement in responsiveness by upgrading that controller.
  11. Thanks. I'll see if I can dig up a resistor. Where would it go on the circuit? I'm using 12+ and sig on the controller. Would it bridge those at the controller? So, this issue isn't quite as cut and dry as I thought. I came into the kitchen this morning, the can lights turn on because of the motion sensor and the test light for the doorbell goes on with it!!!!! :o Surely mistaken, I turned the can lights off, doorbell light went off. Dimmed them up past 10% and the doorbell light would trigger a press and hold it until I turn off the cans. I turned the can lights on and off a few times just to
  12. Hmmm... like good wine and every girl I've ever dated, it "needed some time". We went to dinner for an hour, came back and the contact is now closed (like it should be) until I press the doorbell. The doorbell now works through C4 correctly, announcements fire correctly. Now, if I can get the announcements to work faster... Currently it takes 3 seconds from doorbell press for the sound to start. When I had the light programmed to it, it would turn on/off instantly.
  13. Hey guys, I'm FINALLY getting around to doing my Elk-930 install and I'm running into issues. So, it's a Spore LED lighted doorbell (specs here: http://sporedoorbells.com/storage/trueinfo.pdf) and I've only got one. I've got it wired up to a HC-800 contact and the Elk. I wired it all up exactly as the Elk-930 instructions say, and have looked at prior threads on here. Programming-wise, I added a Doorbell, connected it to the HC-800 contact, programmed it to play one announcement when the doorbell is pressed, and a second when the doorbell is released (for testing). That was all sorts of errati
  14. Standard doorbell setup w/hardwired transformer. Nothing special for the doorbell light.
  15. Howdy guys, Finally getting around to installing my ELK-930. What I have: standard doorbell w/cool LED doorbell (http://www.lumens.com/True-Illuminated-Doorbell-Button-by-Spore/uu304272/product). I want to add an ELK-930, wired to a C4 controller and delete the doorbell from the equation. I want doorbell announcements via C4 only make sure the doorbell illumination still works. All the diagrams I can find involve keeping the doorbell in the mix. Anyone know how to do this?
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