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  1. If I were to purchase a Neeo remote is it a simple changeover from the SR260 or is there extensive programming needed. Better yet, can someone remotely configure this is I purchase a Neeo remote? It is not to extensive of a setup, basically one tv and a cable box hooked to the remote blasters.
  2. Well, windows did have some updates and then I re-installed Composer. For a try, I installed Composer HE and Composer ME as well and they all seem to have the same issue. To me it seems like a network issue which is why I was looking for the ssl as a possibility
  3. Virtual System opens up, but as soon as I try to connect to director, I get the same error. I included a pic of the screenshot. This is in the virtual system loaded up but no director.
  4. Totally aware that the old composers will not work, I was just going with what was working previously. Even upgraded to 2.10, the 2.5.3 would log-in. Couldn't do anything with it, but that was one of the few I could remember that would allow any sort of access. Tried the Broker as well, no dice. Thanks, keep the ideas coming please.
  5. I tried to disable and re-enable the director and that didn't seem to help, still having the error. I can see the director when "picking" which to connect to and everything on the system as a whole works, that means that the touchscreens are seeing the director. In that vein, I'm fairly certain the director is working as required. Looking further into things, none of the previous versions of composer PRO work where they did before (with errors, of course) and the media and home editions of composer do not connect either. I can connect via systems manager, direct IP login, remotely (for co
  6. Yes, it is the same. Just upgraded and after the upgrade it will not connect.
  7. Upgraded to 3.0. I was able to use composer pro prior to the upgrade. After the upgrade I cannot connect. The director shows up as a possible selection, I click it and it shows up right away saying it cannot connect. Not sure if this is a network problem or a Control4 problem. Previously there was an issue with the SSL not being selected. I cannot see that as an option when I connect through the system manager (oh yeah, connects just fine through the system manager) Anyone experience this before? Shed some light?
  8. Pandora driver version 786 and OS is
  9. Wondering if anyone else is seeing the same issue as I am. Periodically my pandora seems to "hang up" on my system and will not play any of the stations. The onkly way out of the situation is to open composer and log off pandora and re-login. Then it works like it should. Is there some trick I do not know about?
  10. Well, got my DUHH! moment out of the way for this week. Completely forgot about the API token. Added the api token and had to go through each zone once and now control4 can start individual zones, just run a "flower" program for just the flower beds and interrupt the watering with a pause if needed or just plain stop the entire system. I plan on using the rachio for the program overall being as it is a smart controller. overall, it is a great addition to my system.
  11. Finally got around to switching my irrigation system switched over to the Rachio. Everything works through the rachio app and all the zones are in the correct order. In Control4, I thought I had everything set up right, but it doesn't act as it should. Nothing on the control4 side shows what it should. I have the zones added to control4 as the generic sprinkler zones. I have connected the inputs and outputs as (i think) they should be, but nothing handshakes. Have a look at the following screenshots and let me know what everyone thinks. I highlighted Zone 8 as an example.
  12. Sooo, AS I was saying.... I am fully aware that there is no such thing as standard engravings even though they have standard picture icons that could be selected when laying the buttons out. I am also fully aware that my dealer would be able to handle everything. I am also fully aware that I COULD go thru him to get these done I just prefer to not involve him with this and find an alternative way to get them done if one was available.
  13. Anyone here want to act as my dealer to get my buttons engraved? I have the report from composer, just wish there was somewhere a homeowner can send them to get them done. I can adjust and change what the buttons do through the consumer composer it would just make sense to at least be able to purchase standard buttons and not custom ones.
  14. Where do we go to get the buttons on the KC120277 engraved? is there somewhere specific to send them with the report from Composer?
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