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  1. I am looking for the temperature display driver. The card access website is long gone. Does anyone have a copy of the driver?
  2. Yes, i am using it now. It works fine except that the schedule does not appear.
  3. Does anyone know if there are any events in C4 programming which allows for detection of switching from native Pandora to Tidal? I do not get an "Audio Selection Changed" event in the associated room. I assume this to be the case because both Pandora and Tidal are considered to be Digital Media? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Given the following simplified representation of my setup: HC-250 connected to family room TV Configurable keypad Control4 Multi Channel 4 zone amplifier Sources: DirectTV receiver and Apple TV I am trying to utilize the configurable keypad effectively link the source playing in the family room to any of the 4 remote zone speakers connected to the multi channel amplifier. If the family room source is either DirectTV or Apple TV, I can link to any remote zone speaker by adding the following command tied to an event on the configurable keypad: Select the Satellite as the audio source in Backyard However, if I the family room source is either Pandora or Tidal running natively in the navigator, if I try to use a similar command, nothing happens. Can anyone please help out? Thanks Bill
  5. Richie, I added a command to toggle 3D to my driver and uploaded it to http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php?file=plasma_Panasonic_TC-P65VT30_driverworks_0_2.c4i The non-Driverworks version of the driver contains all (or almost all) of the serial commands. If I cannot find the documentation, you can use this as a reference. Hope this helps... -Bill
  6. I misplaced the documentation. I'll take a look tomorrow and see if I can dig it up...
  7. BTW, my TV came with documentation of the serial protocol. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can scan it...
  8. I posted a serial driver for the TC-P65VT30. I haven't investigated the differences between the TC and TX models, but you may want to give it a try... http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php?file=plasma_Panasonic_TC-P65VT30_driverworks.c4i
  9. I have had several requests for my driver and have uploaded both the serial (Driver Wizard) and DriverWorks serial drivers for the Panasonic TC-65VT30 to the following locations: http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php?file=plasma_Panasonic_TC-P65VT30_driverworks.c4i http://www.c4forums.com/uploads.php?file=plasma_Panasonic_TC-P65VT30.c4i The DriverWorks driver is a work in progress, but it is functionally superior to the Driver Wizard version. It has the following improvements: 1) Commands are queued via timers with values configurable in the properties window. 2) Supports volume ramping. Similar behavior is not supported for channel up/down, but I could easily make this change if anyone expresses an interest. 3) Volume mute status updated on Control4 touchscreens. 4) Debug (print) mode.
  10. I did use C4:SendToSerial to transmit both direct and query commands. I am definitely communicating from the controller to TV. I'm not sure why I am not getting feedback via ReceivedFromSerial. I'll dig further... Thanks Bill
  11. Ryan, thanks for your feedback. Forgetting about volume feedback, I would at least like to be able to send query commands to the TV and process the feedback. To be more specific, if the TV is in VieraCast mode (selection of Pandora and various apps) and the user selects to exit, I would like the video mode to revert back to the previous setting, e.g. satellite, since this this is what happens on the TV. This way, the remote will automatically switch back to the proper source. I performed an experiment by sending power and volume query commands in my driver in the OnTimerExpired function. My assumption is that feedback from serial commands is processed in the function, ReceivedFromSerial. I put a print statement there, but it seems that control never reaches that function. Does this mechanism not work for the TV proxy or am I doing something wrong? In my past experiences with RS-232 feedback with receivers, some brands required certain serial settings in order to receive serial feedback. I checked the TV settings and found no special settings. Of course, I did check the baud rate, parity, character length, and stop bit settings. I don't see any issues there...
  12. I am working on a DriverWorks serial driver for my Panasonic plasma (TC65VT30) and have most of the functionality in place. I am employing the standard technique of using timers to queue various commands. Also, I have created functions for start and stop of volume up and down so that ramping is supported. I have a C4 touchscreen and would like to provide feedback of the volume status. I do a C4:SendToProxy of MUTE_CHANGED so that the touchscreen will show when mute is on/off. That is working properly. Next, I would like to have volume feedback. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to do this? My guess is that serial feedback from the TV is processed in the ReceivedFromSerial command. I put some print statements in that function, but it seems that function is never called. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I own a 65VT30 and wrote a serial driver. Please let me know and I will share it will you. The TV was supplied with a sheet of the serial commands. The VieraCast command is supported in my driver.
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