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  1. Yes I have one of those NPUs but there is no ethernet cable plugged in, only the 2 mbus cables. I am unable to find an IP address for it to log in to it. Should I connect a cable from this unit to a port on my LAN switch ??
  2. Thanks for the reply. The system is now running 2.10 The part in bold you have lost me with. I have no idea. If possible it would be a big help as like you say when the C4 system is down we have had no lights. How would I do this. I will also ask my dealer when he returns on Friday.
  3. I was going to create a new thread but decided to expand this one and keep everything together. As part of my system my lights are wired through the Mode/C4 8 & 4 channel lighting modules. I also have spring loaded wall switches whereby 1 press and release operates the light and if you press and hold the switch the light will dim until the switch is released. I think these are controlled through C4 I/O modules and operate on 0 volts. My new dealer was out yesterday installing a new EA3 and EA1 to replace my HC300 & HC200. He got everything working via apps (Mac, Iphones, Ipad, Touchscreen) but he can't seem to get these wall switches functioning. He was on the phone to C4 several times but eventually ran out of time. He is coming back this Friday to complete the installation. He said he will try and research this before he returns. Do any of you guys have any idea what he should do/try. Some pointers that I can tell him. From what he has said regarding my system the HC300 was dying hence all the problems recently. I am now up to 2.10.5, I think, and everything seems a lot slicker :-) Thanks again in advance.
  4. Just an update regarding my situation. Control 4 have sorted me with a local dealer who is coming out next week to inspect and hopefully correct my system. I am replacing the HC300 & 200 with a EA3 & EA1. I must say a big thank you to Derrick from C4 for the help and the tremendous offer on the new kit.
  5. Oh I will be getting a dealer once I have found one and satisfied myself that they are competent after the problems caused by the last one. I have to mention that I was contacted by someone direct from Control 4 yesterday evening. They must read this forum. They are sourcing me a dealer and will be speaking to them on my behalf to make sure I have a good working system if and when the upgrade is done. I am just waiting to hear back from then. Restores a little bit of faith back in me now..
  6. At the moment my system consists of the following: HC300 in main rack HC200 behind TV 7" touchscreen on wall in living room 6 button touch pad 8tb Dlink Nas drive 4tb Buffalo Nas drive DUNE HD media player Sat TV system 1 x Samsung TV in living room BOSE surround sound system. Heatmiser 4 zone heating system with Heatmiser touch screen thermostat in each zone. The HC300 controls all of the above plus all the lighting in the house and several outside lights in the garden. The lighting downstairs in the house also includes several LED strips. I have all the necessary cables installed and coiled up should I wish to install TVs in any of the upstairs bedrooms. Would the EA1 or EA3 control that comfortably.
  7. Would an EA3 or EA5 bought off eBay be able to replace my HC300 and be integrated into my system without any problems
  8. I'm not sure. I haven't really looked. For audio the only item we have is the TV and the audio for that is from the SAT TV box through the BOSE surround sound, I think. Couldn't tell you about I/O ports. I know how to use it but after that my knowledge is limited. I think if it isn't broke don't try to fix it so I rarely tamper with the system except to put the odd movie on the media data base with composer HE. So I don't really know what is connected to what in the system.
  9. I'm on a limited budget. Once i have located a competent dealer i will see how much the upgrade will cost before I decide what to do next.
  10. So all I would need is an EA3 to replace my outdated HC300 and i'm good to go once it has been installed into the system.
  11. I wasn't aware of that, thanks for the info. So what would I need in place of the HC200, an EA1 ?? Is there any other piece of kit I would need if I went the EA3 route. ??
  12. I must admit I'm leaning towards an EA3 and a new SR260. That way the main pieces of the puzzle will be up to date. The rest are just a 7" touch screen and HC200 behind the main TV That's the main C4 kit I think. All the others are Dune media player, D-link NAS, small serial to Ethernet interface for the heating control, BOSE surround sound system & SKY Sat TV. The actual project file could probably do with a bit of tweaking now also.
  13. If I decided to go this route what are the steps to get someone to remote into my system to do the swap over and how long would it take ?? Obviously I would have to physically swap over the units first. Just gathering all available information at the moment and looking at my options: 1. remove system altogether 2. Swap out HC300 for HC800 and have someone remote it to swap over the units 3. Purchase EA3 from a dealer and have same install it. One thing I did forget to mention is recently, over the last few months, the SR250 controller has lost the connection and a reboot of the system has solved this. Has happened about 3 times. Appreciate all the comments and help on this.
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