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  1. I'm not familiar with Doorbird installations but on their site they say you can use 802.3af POE to power their unit. 802.3af is a standard that uses 48v, not 24v. Mode A means Endspan (typically a switch) and Mode B means Midspan (typically an inline POE injector). Most POE devices are capable of receiving either, but some require a specific mode. I bet if you try 48v, everything will work just fine. Here is where Doorbird says they work with 802.3af (48v) https://www.doorbird.com/poe
  2. Most POE devices run 48v. Ubiquiti is one of the few companies I've seen that use the Passive 24v in their networking equipment. If you had 24v selected as the port's POE option in the ToughSwitch management screen, then your device wouldn't power up because it was only getting half the voltage it needed. I haven't worked with Doorbird before so I can't speak for the product, but I have worked with a lot of HP Procurve and Ubiquiti POE switches.
  3. Did you select 48v as the POE option in the ToughSwitch? 24v is Passive POE and won't work with the Doorbird. FYI, the 8 port ToughSwitch is good for 23 watts on 48v and 11.5 watts on 24 volt. The 60 watt max power consumption referenced earlier in the thread is based on a different switch (5 port ToughSwitch) that's commonly used as a router. I have used a number of these and they actually work very well. Hopefully it'll work for you too if you change the POE voltage.
  4. I have an extra IO Extender not being used. It's in like new condition and comes with 3 sealed IR buds, the contact/relay adapters, rack ears, power cord, manuals, and original packaging. Please let me know if you have any questions. $225 with free shipping to the continental US. Sold.
  5. At work I always have to turn my phone's WIFI off and switch over to cellular to use my C4 app so I figured I'd make some firewall rules to allow it out to 4Sight. In my logs, I'm seeing that it's always trying to access the local address of my main controller at home on port 5021 (which it won't ever get to without me turning on my VPN), and public addresses of on port 3478 and on 44537, 44904, 45577, and 45900 so far. The is always using a different port. Is there a known list of ports it uses or is there an upper and lower bound to a port range? Are those two the only two public addresses I need to allow? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. The EV driver doesn't work with MOG. I use MOG on my Sonos devices more than anything else. I know that EV has been asked to do a MOG driver before on this forum, and EV responded saying that there was no interest in MOG and they didn't have the time. I bought a Sonos because of it's functionality it has, not to use the features that EV feels is relevant. I don't have any use for a partial integration.
  7. I have Lutron RadioRa 2 switches, keypads, and a main repeater in my home. The main repeater is connected to my HC800 via serial (IP was also used for a bit to try and troubleshoot this problem but was unsuccessful). There are also some advanced lighting scenes setup in C4 to show if a scene is active. The C4 lighting scenes are just exact duplicates of the Lutron scenes that are programmed on the main repeater and keypads. The C4 scenes were setup to show what Lutron loads were on when you were in a C4 interface. When I use my Lutron keypads to turn the Lutron scenes on, everything works great. C4 shows a blue light on the C4 app (Andoid, Apple, and Windows PC) next to the C4 scene that is currently on. When I use the Lutron keypad to trigger an all off scene, C4 doesn't consistently recognize that all of the loads in the scene were actually powered off. Sometimes it’s one load, sometimes more than one, but it’s always different loads that C4 shows are still on, even though they are off. The only workaround I’ve found is that if all the loads are powered off through a C4 lighting scene or through C4 programming, then all the loads show up correctly that they are powered off. The major problem with that is the popcorn effect that you get when trying to power off all the loads simultaneously. Has anyone ever encountered this problem with C4 showing that random loads are still “on” after C4 has powered off all the loads in a scene? Was there any way to fix it?
  8. I am currently using a CT-80 for the house and a CT-80 for the garage. Both are tied into Control4.
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