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  1. Hi, how are you? ifttt driver for Ring? how much? does it work with 2.9.1? did you do that driver?
  2. yep. ring. is it best/only option? just trying to see what options do we have.
  3. Hi, got some issue, client has system with HC-800 and 2.9.1. builder forgot to bring cables to front door. client has zigbee doorbell, but it doesn't work well, got disconnected after every power outage. as well he wants something newer. what options do we have?
  4. hc-800 - good and solid. New ones "work faster" but.... sometimes it doesn't matter, your tv will turn on not in 5 sec., but in 4.5. New controllers work well with new equipment, if you didn't install anything new. don't worry.
  5. 2.9.1, don't go higher. why do you need 2.10? if you still have rest of your equipment same, why do you want to upgrade OS? Just in case Infinity TS doesn't work well with DS2 at all.
  6. I'm not a big fan of mixing few different systems and different installers. they may not work good together, may have limitations in functionality, issues with integration and just look funny and be more expensive after all. ( I saw IEE kp with Aiphone intercom and Hik camera installed on same pole near gates, it was replaced with one doorstation), price was pretty close, looked wow better, worked better. As well, you are going to have 1 phone number to call if anything wrong, no finger pointing games.
  7. I used ones Eco bee thermostat. it has wireless sensor, thermostat looks good, C4 has driver. Saw nest thermostats with wireless sensor. didn't try it, but can't see reason why not.
  8. On some ISP routers you can't see you controller, you can ping it, you can see it if you do IP scan, but composer cant find it, router for some reason doesn't let it. in those cases I do IP scan and add controller manually. so I can connect.
  9. network issue, different router. Do you know, does you C4 controller have static ip? what kind of controller do you have. in general you can do network reset and make it working with "any" router. ISP router in not good router. but it may work. just need to be careful, network rest, not factory reset.
  10. Hi, just saw C4 has driver for Helios intercom..... It looks exactly like DS2... What kind of differences do they have? C4 integration level?
  11. Step #1 Rid off from dealer who can't tone CAT5/6 cable and instead toning changing doorstations. Step #2 find dealer near by who can SWolution 1 1. find 2 good pairs in cable (color doesn't meter) just any. 2. make them network pair 3. install PoE near doorstation and and use damaged cable for lan (2 good pairs) and some short cable goes directly from PoE to doorstation. Solution #2 1. find 2 good pairs in cable (color doesn't meter) just any. 2. make them network pair 3. damaged pairs can be used for providing 12/15 volt just from regular power supply. It will work. Solution #3 Use "doorbird" it will work only with 2 good pairs (network and power over 2 pairs only) Im sure I can make it working with out "big damages" around
  12. It will make mess with control. you need to lock sonos volume or disconnect C4 amp and use sonos amp.
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