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  1. NO LILIN!!!! Hik- can work with C4, you can even connect doorstation to NVR Cheaper, better, user friendly, easier (my opinion)
  2. Cheap solution, should work. (depends what os do you have). take 1 old HC-250 connect it to internet, connect any stereo amp to audio output. connect your speakers. Im not sure for 100%, but you shouldn't have any delay.
  3. still available? how much?
  4. Works well, did it several time, but ( may be Im wrong) can't activate motion detection.
  5. I have strong accent, but everything works with it. (HC-250, os 2.10.6)
  6. How do I integrate it? do I need some adapter (like IT-100)? or just IP?
  7. is it still available? I live in Langley, can come and pick it up.
  8. how much for HC-800? is it HC-80BL or HC-800-BL-1?
  9. May be I miss something. But you can use Lutron Caseta Fan control. It can be controlled by anything (Alexa, Siri (Home Kit), Control4, Google Home) both ways. Turn on with Siri (Alexa, Google Home), turn off with C4
  10. Automated Garburator. Don't want to touch button with dirty hands. Can control it with voice commands. Did 4 sec timer for it (so need to turn it on only). My wife started to use and she likes it.
  11. Connected garage door to HC-250 relay, door connected to security system. works 10 times of 10. Connected to Home kit no problems. No MyQ stuff involved.
  12. yes, it is pretty expensive solution . But thanks for idea and respond.
  13. wow. checked it. 1 mile radius!!!! will keep it in mind for sure!!!! Thank you.
  14. Hi, I did something same in the past, pretty long time ago, forgot already about that solution . Only one issue I got, client didn't want to touch it to change batteries in remote
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