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  1. I see, thanks for answer. Usually I used RTS Interface ll. here I was told by somfy installer that he provided everything we need and I suppose to connect C4 to the RS485 connector and to make it working, because "everybody does it" I got super confused..... so thanks for answer.
  2. Hi, I got to integrate Somfy blinds, and I got some panel on the wall with number on it 1870192 (Somfy power Panel). It has RS485 connector. So far if I needed to make Somfy working I used RTS ll. Does anybody know if I can use that panel for control or we still need RTS ll here? Thanks.
  3. good luck, will follow up your success
  4. yep. you are right, but otherwise 1. he is going to lose some equipment except controller, he mentioned touchscreen and etc. ( may be some hc-200 in the picture?) 2. 2.5.3 pretty stable and hc-800 can work with it. I think it even can work with 2.3.0 but it is too old. Unless client is ready to spend money on EA-3/5 and new set of touchscreens ( which away better and fancier) Just offered one of solutions..
  5. wow. are you going to upgrade Embernet to Zigbee remotely??? 1.7.4 doesn't support any remote access..... there is a way to do it, but it is risky.
  6. nothing wrong with 2.5.3 Pretty stable OS. why do you need higher? do you install some new devices SO 2.5.3 doesn't have proper driver?
  7. Many times DIY, Plug&Play ( I call it Plug&Prey) they good for people who knows what do they do. it will never work as good as normally installed and configured system. too many 3rd part drivers, networking, timing, ETC. issues.
  8. I worked with Samsung with "Art" mode - made it working pretty well with C4 driver. Ambient mode? what is it?
  9. 1. 1.7.4 - is not zigbee it is Embernet. if you will simply change controller, you can say goodbye to all your lights and etc. 2. to keep hc-300 10 years old - not good idea 3. 1.7.4 - it is so old - new OS - nothing same with it. what I would do 1. back up your project 2. upgrade you OS to 1.8 and all your Embernet network/devices to Zigbee pro 3. upgrade your system to 2.5.3 ( I think HC-300 doesnt go higher) 4. find somr HC-800 and replace hc-300 with hc-800. our system should work pretty good. Otherwise you will need to replace all you light switches and remotes. I did same stuff 2 times- takes time. but you have no choice. unless you want to replace all your lighting. with something else.
  10. do they have built in 4sight licenses?
  11. Need HC250 or HC800, how much?
  12. how much hc 250? I need one or two.
  13. Hi, got some question about high speed network client updated his services to 500 mb internet, but he has old network equipment. I probably will use Ubiquity Waps, but what can I use for router? Apple one? system is not very big (hc-800, 2 hc-250 and 8 zone amp) I need 1 router and 3 waps or 1 router with WiFi and 2 waps Don't want to use ISP router.
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