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  1. Nexus21? you can check if they do some custom lifts.
  2. youtube!!! But wait..... 64 zones???? First time I installed 8 zone DSC NEO I found it is easier than Home theater installation... But, if it comes to big system, you need to consider a lot of "small things". Multiple power sources, distances, etc. It may be not that easy. I mean not easy at all for DIY without experience.
  3. Yep. you are right. I mentioned that problem exist for ADC and C4 integration, they both use PCLink2 slot.
  4. Are you going to have system monitored? If yes, what services do you want to use? If Alarm.com, I think it, won't work with both systems (Control4 and ADC use same same slot for connection and you can not split it). DSC Power can work with both system together. But..... I have never connected 64 zone system to C4 and ADC simultaneously.
  5. Hi, got question. As I know DSC Power can work with ADC (Alarm.com) module and IT100. does anybody know about any problems with that kind of connection? I mean alarm.com enhancement module and IT100 connected to same board.
  6. Thanks, I think you are right.
  7. Hi, I got one. thanks.
  8. Hello, I found Zigbee thermostat. Sinope TH1123ZB (works with zigbee), found driver for it. Question, did anybody do integration? As well saw some certain version TH1123ZB-C4. A bit confusing. TH1123ZB and TH1123ZB-C4. Not all zigbee devices work with C4? even with driver? Need some special vercion of ZB device so C4 will recognize it? Thanks.
  9. Sorry, posted by mistake.
  10. 1. under "discontinued" 2. go to search and type ldz-102 both ways will bring you old dimmer
  11. Hi, I need C4 keypad (new or used but with set of buttons). Live in BC, Canada. Thanks.
  12. Hi, wanted to add a smart thermostat. I have baseboard heating, so I need some smart thermostat that will work with C4 and baseboard heater. I found Mysa. Does C4 have a driver for it? Are there any other options available?
  13. hi, I think this way it work pretty long time ago with 2.8.2. I think something needs to be done with "navigation" agent
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