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  1. Hi, how much do you want for SR-260? Thanks.
  2. Can you post pictures of remotes? I would like to buy them.
  3. I have working system (thank to forum). Garage gate connected to security system and gates are defined as "zone for automation" (DSC power has that option). I got cheap remote that controls gates and connected to controller's relay. Works so far. (lift master solution looks great!!! Didn't know about that device). I even connected it to Alexa and made it working with Siri (home kit) didn't try with Google. Made scene for kids "Alexa open Sesame" and " Siri open Sesame". (worked around a bit, but got it working )They like it. Can share the recipe.
  4. Yep, I checked 3x3 and 2x2, you are right. will check other hardware. thanks.
  5. to be honest with you, I have never seen that speed over wifi. max I ever got with ubiquiti it was about 350. I tried UAP-AC-LR, Light and pro as well. Don't remember where I got highest speed, but not even close to 1 Gig over WiFi. (With all last updates , on 5 G channel, VHT80, distance from Wap 2/10 meters, no walls)
  6. Up to me ac works well. I can get dissent download and upload speed on 5G with 80 Mgh channel. but speed is going up. 500-600- 1 gig, AC doesn't catch up. I understand that right now most of devices can't support that speed (in any case what are you going to download or stream with that speed? 50 4K movies on one device???). But just in case I want to have option/answer on question "why my wifi download speed is away lower then I suppose to get/pay for?" " Np sir. It is pretty high speed for one single device speed, but if you really need it, this is an option ...."
  7. Hi, huuuuge problem, internet is going to be faster and faster. WiFi ac- not good anymore as I can see. WiFi 6, does anybody know any good WAPs for it? I worked with Ubiquity, not sure they are in the picture now 😬
  8. just wondering, why do you need it? for creating some scenes? I did both way, for regular user there is no difference ( not for me as well) they concerned about picture quality and price, how does it get turned on and off... up to them with abraquadabra and woodoo. but it just what do I think, every body has his own way to think.
  9. why are you looking projector that "works" with C4? why do you care how it will be controlled (IP, IR, RS232)? I would be worried about projector it self (good picture, price, ETC), what exactly do you expect from C4 remote? after all in most systems it is just turn projector on and off, maybe change modes (game, movie, ETC). for those simple operations any installer can make driver (IR).
  10. 1. it may be Zigbee wifi Zwave issue. need to check channels. 2. some programs going in loop (had that issue in the past) 3. May be dying controller.
  11. Sure. I had that kind of problems a lot, cameras connected to ISP router, so I can't reconfigure it, cable boxes with wifi access to ISP router with few ISP WAPS. Some additional services, client has remote access, security system connected. There are a lot of cases I can't bridge ISP router. So.... there for I mentioned that I saw some systems with double NAT working. As well many times I saw daisy chained routers with same sub net ISP router and another router with I can say more, I saw them connected to same switch with LAN ports, so it was really interesting. Saw one part of network connected to ISP router and another to another router (Can't print, can't stream, can't see, ETC.). Guy who does network needs to understand what does he do and be able to finf and fix all that "stuff that suppose to make network better". For client it will be good to find that kind of guy and do not touch network even with DIY "easy for self installation" devices. Found many times P&P means Plug and pray
  12. Just curious, can composer be installed on Chromebook?
  13. I had good experience with somfy and Hunter Douglas
  14. Small addition. If I activate "All Off" Scene in any way (by pressing All Off button, Arming alarm system, talking to Alexa) any of that action set " Media Status" to "0" with 5 sec delay. (just in case)
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