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  1. They are both Samsung TV's. The guest bedroom TV is about 4 years old and the Master TV is a brand new 8000 series. Ill check on the HDMI control options on the TV's. Thanks
  2. I am having an issue of the Guest bedroom TV turning on when I turn on my Master bedroom TV. The audio in the guest bedroom (from the audio matrix to the speakers) is not turning on, just the TV itself. I have a C4 6x6 HDMI matrix, EA-5, and IO extender. The IR to the TV's comes from the IO extender. Any ideas??
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for how to integrate Sirius XM internet radio into a system that uses a HC-250 with a 4 zone audio matrix? Driver and/or device would be helpful.
  4. Anyone else having issues using virtual director lately? Fixes?
  5. Has anyone had success with the Centralite Jetstream driver. I am using the required RS-232 bridge and my Jetstream lighting network has been setup with the software. I can not seem to get it to show in the navigator. Driver has been downloaded to Composer and the connection made. Thanks for any help.
  6. Has anyone had success using the driver for the Marantz BD-7004 on a BD-7003? Its C4 certified, serial. Thanks
  7. Has anyone com across a driver for a Russound MCA88X? This is the multi-room amp that took the place of the MCA-C5
  8. Does anyone know of a C4 driver for an AudioControl Maestro M2 pre-amp?
  9. Has anyone ever controlled Leviton Omni alarm panels and Leviton HiFi2 Audio systems with a C4 controller? If so, how was your experience?
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