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  1. My "friend" is a co-worker/installer. I have never installed an HC-1000 or HC-300 as a director; only re-used HC-300s with a new HC-800 as the Director on existing jobs. I will not be buying a new system, but just wanted to play with this one at my house if possible, since it WAS free :). I don't have a system remote, so I was hoping to control this through the app, but I guess this just isn't possible. Maybe I will hang on to the HC-300 in case I do end up with an HC-800 or decide to buy one of the new EAs. Thanks to both of you guys for the info.
  2. Hi, I am an installer and pulled an HC-1000 and an HC-300 out of a house to replace with an HC-800 a while back and the customer gave me the 2 old controllers. The HC-300 had a failed power supply and I replaced it. It is now working and the HC-1000 is working as well. Is there a way to get the license working for mobile devices? A friend told me that you cannot even buy a license for these old controllers any more, so you would have to use a system remote to control the system. This is not well documented, so I am confused as to whether or not I can get this working. I also was told that these controllers would not run anything above 2.5.3, but when I connected to them and ran update manager, they were able to both update to 2.8.1.
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