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  1. Ok, so I heard them wrong and thought it was CES. So anyone here know more about this? Any screenshots of what it may look like?
  2. I had my Control4 installer here yesterday and he mentioned that Control4 will be sending out their new 3.0 updates out before CES comes at the end of September. Anyone else hear about this? I haven't found any news of it on the web... Just want to see if others have heard of this.
  3. What would be a good zigbee extender? What would you recommend to get this to work? Even if I don't set this up through Control4, will I be able to use this zigbee setup through something like smartthings with a similar multi switch?
  4. Ok, I totally understand. What if I put up a Omni pole that will extend my wifi out to both the ramada and horse pen. Will the switches work off that extended wifi from the omni pole? If that would work, what items do I need to make my setup work? What type of zigbee switch would I need? I know I will probably have to call my installer to install all this(wish Control4 gave me more control of the system rather then having to call on the installer all the time).
  5. Here is what I mean when I say ramada The length from my switch indoors that I would like to use is probably 50 - 60 feet to the switch on the ramada. Now the distance from my ramada switch to my horse pen switch is probably the same distance, 50 - 60 feet away. So basically, everything is inline with each other. I would walk south 60 feet from the back door and will make it to the ramada, then I would walk south again 60 feet and be at my horse pen. So the horse pen is around 120 feet away from my back door. Hope this helps with the idea of how things are laid out.
  6. Ok, the ramada has 2 basic switches that are covered with the outdoor insulation flaps. One turns on the ceiling lights(all LED) for the ramada and the other turns on 3 flood lights(All LED). I have one basic switch on the horse pen with the same insulated flap that turns on 3 florescent lights(Not LED). My idea would be to replace a switch on my interior wall next to my back door that currently controls the back porch lights now. Replace that one switch with this type of control4 switch: Now one of those buttons is used for the porch, another would be used for the ramada lights, another to be used for the ramada flood lights, and another to be used for the horse pen. I would love the convenience to just be able to turn all those on from inside my house so that I don't have to walk out there to turn on lights. What I get is if this is a zigbee type switch, won't the switch on the ramada be a repeater for the switch on the horse pen?
  7. What C4 products do I need to buy to have this all work? I have a C4 brain and 3 touch screens.
  8. So what I want to do is have a setup to where I can turn on my ramada lights(and floods that are on the ramada in the backyard and also turn on my horse pen/chicken coop that is even farther back while in my house by the back door. What I was hoping to do is use one of the my switches and change it to the multi button switch and add 5 or 6 light setups(Back Porch, ramada lights, ramada flood lights, horse pen lights). I want to be able to stand there inside the house and turn all those lights on before I even step out of the house.
  9. Any news on this integrating with C4? Has anyone used them yet?
  10. Is there away to connect an EcoBee to the Control4 system with an existing driver?
  11. With all that, what else did you need to have besides the C4 brain? Zigbee light switches, smart things base?
  12. Wow! All with a push of a button through the control4 touch screen, or on your app?
  13. Got ya. So why do I see all these drivers that can be bought/Downloaded? Do I just send them to my dealer and he can then install them? What can I do with composerHE? Add lighting, smart things hub? What custom stuff can I do for an example?
  14. I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section. I recently got Control4 installed in my home. I have a few questions. I was told I can't do a thing with installs as I would have to call up my dealer to have everything done like adding lights, tvs, receivers, and so on. Is that true? Also, can I not install drivers on my own either? Thanks for the info.
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