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  1. I have tested on a android unit as well, it’s very similar To IOS units. its connecting to my system inside the Control4 app that takes the biggest amount of time, like 15 seconds. I’m in Norway, could that be a problem? But when I’m connected to my system the response is good, but loading camera takes about 3-4 seconds on overview side, and another 3 seconds ++ to load then I join solo camera. The other cams is not in c4 yet. I think everything was faster before I got upgraded to 3xxx. But never very fast, but I don’t have any time on that..
  2. Do you have any suggestions to what router? I can't understand that it's the google mesh router that is the problem. I have 200Mps up / down and can use the entire bandwidth if I'm outside the home network. Is it possible to trace the signal to see where the delay is? I have other ip cameras home, who I can connect outside the network in a few seconds.
  3. But it mean that it could go faster to establish a connection? If I'm at the same network using wifi on phone, it takes about 5-6 seconds before I can watch the camera. When I tried it again now without wifi, it used like 15 seconds for opening control4 app, and 7-8 seconds for opening the camera streak. Total 23 seconds this time. A little faster then last time I meassured. I currently have 4G connection, download speed: 39,3Mbps and upload 27,4Mps. ping 23ms, jitter 12ms, 0% loss. I'm using google wireless mesh router yes. It was not better when I used the ISP router.
  4. I don’t think it’s the router because I get notification about motion outside in a few seconds. It’s opening the app and waiting for camera that takes along time. I’m use my normal router through google Wifi and 4sight when I’m outside house. I get a few false alarms each day, like when night light go on and off and if there is strong sun but that doesn’t happen to often... but I’m using it because It’s not always the phone is connected to intercom(don’t know why) when somebody is calling through intercom, is there a way to mute it with iPhone app? It’s a high sound no matter what settings I have on iPhone and not Aibel to mute it. Same for you?
  5. When there is motion on ds2 camera I get fast alert. But when I open control 4 app on iPhone 8 on fast internet away from home it uses long time to open app and to open security camera. Like 30 sec total like 50/50, enough for people to go away. Is there any fix for this? It have been like this for a long time. I think it’s using more and more time but I don’t have measured the time.
  6. When I tell Google home hub "google close kitchen blinds" The blinds closes, but when I say "google open kitchen blinds" the blinds wont open but it say it started to open, and when I use buttons on monitor its the same. When I control them with the control4 app everything is fine. Anyone know whats wrong?
  7. Today I have waterborn heat whitch is controlled by control4 with on/off thermostat. Is there a way to make it more intelligent, so it learn to compensate for outdoor temperature and fluctations in temperature so the inside temp could be more constant.
  8. My onkyo 1030 wont turn off when I turn off room. Anyone know how to fix? Everything else seems to work with the reciever.
  9. Im not home riGht now but it’s shows idle in communication agent. And online in intercom app. So I have no problem with calling my door station with sound and video.
  10. It’s on. I get notifications about motion. And photos on mail. It’s also online so I can watch the camera on security.
  11. My DS 2 door station stopped giving door chimes when someone calling on it. Anyone got any tips how to get it back? I got OS3. No chimes on my T3 or phones intercom app.
  12. When I got my OS upgraded too 3.0, then both of my remotes SR250 started bugging with being very slow and not working at all. Is there any fix for that?
  13. so the only solution is to buy a new touch screen?
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