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  1. Ok. Should it not make sound at all? Mine have always made sound, but maby a little more now. But the stanby mode have worked.
  2. It C4-8AMP1-B I have, so I have tested the power saving mode, but it keeps turning on again. But I can't find out why.
  3. My old supplier who I bougth it off have stopped selling control4. Who is the best to contact for a RMA?
  4. Normaly it stays in standby when not in use, because I have it in a office next to the living room. So right now the Amp is on, speakers is not humming, but the Amp itself is making alot of noise. When in stanby the apm is in total silence. It only takes a few secons to go out off stanby. It my amp was in a room that I didnt use often it would not be a problem.
  5. Normaly my 4-zone amplifer is in standby, but recently my amplifier is going out of standby by it self, I can't find out why. The programming says it should be in standby when it stops sensing audio. And go out of standby if it sensing audio. I think everything is turned off, how can I see what sending audio to my amplifer and keep activating it?
  6. Currently I'm using schedule and just adjust the temp up for 5min every hour. I can easy copy this settings to all rooms. But I want different setting on the rooms. Is there an easier way to create a schedule for temp adjustment?
  7. Today I have room temperature sensors input to software thermostat v3 driver. The temperature in the room is good, but some of the floors always get cold, I got waterborne heat. So I wonder if the best way to even out the floor temperature was to turn on the floor heating for 5 minutes for every hour, or turn on the valves for 5min each time the thermostat kicks in. Or do you guys recommen another way? Today, a zone will heat the rest of the house and keep many floors cold. What I want the most is a surface sensor for each room, but I havent found an good solution for that either.
  8. I'm looking for a surface temperature sensor, maby an IR Temp sensor. I have seen modules that easy could be built for arduino like GY-906. Or Micromatic Termostat MSD4 with/IR sensor. But I would like something that could easy be integrated in control4, so it could control the waterborne heating and give me more even temp.
  9. I have tried changing ny dns and rebooted. Or did you mean the Control4 system?
  10. I have the same problem, can you describe how you fixed it?
  11. I have tested on a android unit as well, it’s very similar To IOS units. its connecting to my system inside the Control4 app that takes the biggest amount of time, like 15 seconds. I’m in Norway, could that be a problem? But when I’m connected to my system the response is good, but loading camera takes about 3-4 seconds on overview side, and another 3 seconds ++ to load then I join solo camera. The other cams is not in c4 yet. I think everything was faster before I got upgraded to 3xxx. But never very fast, but I don’t have any time on that..
  12. Do you have any suggestions to what router? I can't understand that it's the google mesh router that is the problem. I have 200Mps up / down and can use the entire bandwidth if I'm outside the home network. Is it possible to trace the signal to see where the delay is? I have other ip cameras home, who I can connect outside the network in a few seconds.
  13. But it mean that it could go faster to establish a connection? If I'm at the same network using wifi on phone, it takes about 5-6 seconds before I can watch the camera. When I tried it again now without wifi, it used like 15 seconds for opening control4 app, and 7-8 seconds for opening the camera streak. Total 23 seconds this time. A little faster then last time I meassured. I currently have 4G connection, download speed: 39,3Mbps and upload 27,4Mps. ping 23ms, jitter 12ms, 0% loss. I'm using google wireless mesh router yes. It was not better when I used the ISP router.
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