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  1. I have an EA5 with Analog 1 and 2 out to my C4 8 channel Matrix Amp. Pandora works fine thru the EA5 but with Spotify I have no Audio. I have the same setup at my other house and this works fine. Has anyone else run into this problem? Wondering what I could be missing.
  2. How much time does it take to use a lighter and a hot glue stick? A lot less time than to open up a TV to put the emitter inside. I've used hot glue for 10+ years, never damaged any equipment and unless someone comes and pops it off it almost never falls off.
  3. RyanE- Do you know if the new C4 door stations integrate with these Panasonic IP phones? Example, if I had one at a gate, when they hit the call button (from the gate) can it make a video call to the Panasonic phones, as well as open the gate? Thanks! Lee
  4. We have 6 button keypads in our conference rooms. If Control4 could do what I was hoping it would just be the Touch10 in this room for control with some C4 lighting. Looks like I will be upgrading the Crestron though. I want the easiest solution for the older generation of our company. Jumping from iPad to Touch10 to iPad etc. won't fly. Thanks for the input guys.
  5. It's being ripped out because it is 10+ years old and we have Control4 everywhere else. Telepresence was not thought about 10 years ago when installed. If they say 3rd party control systems like Apple Homekit and Android are able to work with it I'm a bit shocked Control4 isn't able to.
  6. Hello all, I am designing a Cisco Telepresence solution for our conference room. Currently we have a Crestron system in there that controls the Binary HDMI matrix, 3 TVs, Onkyo receiver for audio and the 8 sources. We will be ripping the Crestron out and installing C4 to go along with the rest of our conference rooms. The Cisco SX80 codec comes with a Touch10 touchscreen to control the Telepresence, they have an open API called xAPI to be able to tie a 3rd party control system in to control the room from the Touch10 so you're not jumping from an iPad to the Touch10 and so on. Question is, is there a driver out there for Control4? Our dealer says he hasn't been able to find one but knowing him I'm sure he researched for 15 mins and gave up. I'd really like to be able to use the C4 to switch inputs/outputs on the matrix and possibly even tie in the lights. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
  7. This may have been asked in the past, I apologize if it has. Can I add multiple Philips Hue Bridge's to 1 Control4 project? It's for a bar that will have over 50 Philips Hue strips after the Patio addition. From my understanding you cannot have more than 50 Hue devices on one Bridge. Thanks in advance.
  8. DS-KB6003-WIP Would this be the HIkvision version of it? I don't see that its ONVIF compliant though, or does that not matter because it will automatically work with a Hikvision NVR?
  9. Thanks for the info! Seems like a great alternative to Ring and Doorbird.
  10. Looking to install a Clare Control Video Doorbell but cannot find any C4 Drivers. It is a new product but I wanted to reach out to the experts here to see if they know of anything or have tested one yet. I'm looking to go with that solution because of the ONVIF and the fact it only needs the doorbells basic wiring. Thanks in advance!
  11. Good afternoon all, I manage all the A/V projects at the company I work for. We use C4 in our Conference rooms and the owners all have C4 in their homes. We are getting ready to do a complete C4 update at one of the owners home and he has a LiteTouch for lighting control. He wants to convert that to C4 lighting. Is this even possible? From what I understand the LiteTouch isn't wired like traditional lighting. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  12. I just tried to click on the link but it says its unavailable. Are you still selling these stencils? Obviously they are a bit outdated but i would still find them helpful for what im looking to do.
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