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  1. Hi, I have a Hikvision NVR DS-7608NI-EV2/8P and 1 Hikvision camera and wanted to add more. My old dealer had me purchas and Axis Camera and Lorex bullet camera and now the dealer is no longer in business. My current dealer said that they didn’t know how to set up these other cameras with Control4. Is it possible? Thanks!
  2. I have been researching this for a while now. I have heard that Somfy motors are very loud, Leutron,Hunter Douglas, Graber and all of the other big brands are so expensive! With all of these new “motorized” window treatments popping up they are mostly using RF 433MHz technology. I have been told all I need is a RF bridge switch that works with Control4. Now I am looking to see if I can find a good programmer to add it to the system since as a consumer don’t have access to add drivers or components to our system. A friend bought Smith & Nobel Motiva motorized blinds and it works with Control4 and Alexa just find via the method I stated above. Anyone else have input in this?
  3. Thank you. What I meant by integrate better was Can I hire someone remotely that is an expert at programming Control4. I can buy the drivers for the ductless AC system but I need a dealer with the programming software to install the driver on my director, right? Or can I do that with the composer edition for consumers? Also we have 2 Ecobee’s 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs, I bought the driver and my dealer installed it years ago but it sometimes falls off the system? I am not sure why this is? If you look at my Control4 account it shows we paid for the driver, then it will fall off in a week and stop working and it says we don’t have an active driver. I am not sure if rebooting my EA-5 helps it or if it is a coincidence but when I reboot it my Ecobee will show up again. Any suggestions? The Lorex camera model is LNB8921BW, 250ft IR Night Vision and I have a Hikvision NVR. The Lorex camera is not installed or set up because my new dealer said it wasn’t compatible? I find this hard to believe because my old dealer went out of business and they are the ones that sold the NVR to me with the Lorex camera. Also my dealer says Control4 can’t control ceiling fans? It can do on and off and that is it. He said no dimming or fan speeds. Is this true? I was about to purchase a Minka air ceiling fan but was hoping our Contol4 system would integrate to it. I am really hoping I can hire someone remotely to go in my system and add these driver and program them the way that they need to be. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alicia
  4. Hi! So I have had Control4 for 9 years and we have seen our local dealers come and go. We just hired a new Control4 dealer to integrate our Alarm system with our Control4 system. Well he said he wasn’t familiar with our Honeywell board and was used to the DSC system. Once he hooked up the module to talk to Control4 my alarm went wild!!!! So he tried to undo what he did but couldn’t figure it out. So my alarm guy came in and fixed everything and then my Control4 programmer came out and we now have our alarm panel on our Control4 system... kind of... My questions are these: 1)This dealer obviously doesn’t know how to program Control4 very well. Can I hire someone remotely to get into my system and integrate it better? 2) Does Contol4 have a driver for Lorex cameras? I have a Hikvision NVR and 1 Hikvision camera and I have a Lorex camera that is supposed to be amazing but again my programmer said it wouldn’t work. Does anyone no this to be true? 3) I want to add a mini split LG ductless HVAC do you know if LG has a driver to work with LG? I don’t want to make such a large purchase and have it not work correctly. 4) Also we need to replace our old Genie garage doors and gates. Is there a brand that works best for Control4? Does anyone know a good programmer? If I can’t do it remotely I am in San Diego, CA thanks for your help!
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