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  1. Day 4 and still no resolution? Months of getting this C4 system installed and all it can do is turn lights on and off. Purchased Composer HE and can't even setup any scenes now.
  2. New to Control4 and recently purchased the HE license. Taken time off work this week to configure the scenes we want and now this has happened. What is happening C4???
  3. Thanks nawty - so I will not need to use the C4 4 zone matrix then? The X3400H looks good!
  4. Hi, Can Control4 pull an audio source from the Denon AVR-X2400H (or any other Denon amp with HEOS) and play that sound to another room that has a HEOS1/3/5/7 speaker? Setup: EA3 with the C4-LU642L-KIT. Distributed UHD to 4x bedrooms. Denon amp in lounge with 4 different audio sources plugged into the Denon amp. Audio sources are SAT1, SAT2, SAT3 and Apple TV. Can I distribute the audio sources throughout the house using HEOS speakers in the bedrooms and other areas? Or will I need either the Denon Heos Superlink or the C4 4zone matrix?
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