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  1. can you give me a name or number? i will give them a call.
  2. I use multiple echos and it works fine
  3. £80+VAT? Or £80 total? ref being had over, it certainly feels like that...
  4. Thanks guys, I was trying to find out what drove the tier, as I said, for Cisco they have to have certain certified engineer competencies to get different levels, as well as the sales. The I have spoken to the dealer that installed the system. I feel like things are being over egged to me at the moment, and having not started this myself as a greenfield project, I haven’t done any research into who I want to work with. I feel like simple things that could/can be done remotely are being scoped to make them require a site visit and the charging of a high hourly rate.
  5. I'm not, I am trying to figure out who I want to deal with. I bought a new house with C4 installed, and the default would be for me to use the company that installed it, but I want to do my own evaluation, so wanted to know the difference.
  6. what are the key differences between these two? I could buy a ipad for a lot less than a mobile touchpad, but what would i miss out on? thanks
  7. I have velux windows in some of my upstairs windows (GGU range) and am going to add blinds to these, i would like to use the solar power ones, what would i need to add these to C4? I have the company that installed my system, but no info came back...
  8. Have I ranked in correct order? and that is all, just volume? I ask because for some tech company tiers, it is not just volume, but staff expertise also that determines tier, Cisco being a prime example.
  9. Can someone explain the dealer tier levels to me please? I have seen the following Dealer silver gold diamond platinum what would the difference to me be from using different levels? thanks
  10. Spanning tree is a loop prevention function, some Things to know would be it can take 50 seconds (or more in a larger network) for spanning trees ports to start passing traffic if you create a loop in your network without spanning tree to manage it, you can get an issue called a broadcast storm that will slowly build (usually) but eventually take down your network, so if you find your network gradually fails, and is better after a reboot, look for and remove the cable creating the loop.
  11. I asked my dealer about a smart lock and was told Yale is the way to go, but they said they would use another company to supply and install a lock. So I ordered the compatible lock for my door, the Conexis L1, installed and set everything up, then found out the integration module is only available via a C4 dealer. So I asked my dealer for a price for the module, they told me £80+VAT for the module, or £270+VAT for a lock with the module in, and if I bought just the module it would be non returnable. I then asked about having it added to my project, but nothing more as I wanted to configure in composer HE. I was told 1 to 2 hours at £95+VAT, and then late told that could run up to three hours, that simply doesn’t sound right to me.... anyone else done this? any dealers want to offer to help?
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