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  1. Is Composer HE something I have to buy from my dealer? I reviewed my C4 account and there is a lot of documentation about the program, but could not find any info about getting a copy....Cost?
  2. I have had my Control4 system for about a year and like clock work something happens that requires a tech to come out. For example, Apple changed its codes so the remote no longer directed the functions on the apple TV. Recently, our main tv video input stopped working, no picture for Direct TV, Apple TV or PS4 and now my tech wants to start charging me for such a visit. Is this the way it works? I am beholden to a system I have no control over and have to get nickled and dimmed every time the Control 4 drops a connection or...... This is especially difficult for me because I consider my self tech savvy and have also way maintained on own HT set up and some every complex home audio set ups...always trouble shooting for myself and always finding the issue... Are there typically steps you can do your self before reaching out to the tech? i.e. "did you turn your computer off and on again...." Any input or comments welcome...
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