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  1. Hello! Can anyone please point me to directions on how to turn on / verify IP access? Would I be using the Ethernet port out of the X1 Cable box? I ask as I have another provider for Internet and use my own routing gear, UniFi. Thanks!
  2. Feedback on my first C4 system; EA-1 ,SR-260 My bias BSEE (work in consumer electronics) URC and harmony past remotes. Magnolia programed system. Constructive feedback / education welcome and appreciated! Likes: 1. Reliable 2. SR-260 solid, well balanced 3. Speed; love IP and serial control Wish list / cons: 1. EA-1 runs very hot 2. Getting stutter on HI-RES audio from HDD on USB port through HDMI 3. Voice control (TiVo, Roku) 4. SmartThings API (i.e. like harmony) 5. Can’t use "system off" button if not used to turn something on (i.e. URC can do this) a. Why? My kids still like to use TiVo remote with voice 6. Magnolia was stuck on standard drivers. Initially balked at using Anthem drivers when C4 drivers had missing inputs. Nudged them to use discrete codes from Remote Central for NAD on/off. I was hopping for more creativity and prior research before coming to my home. Thanks again and love this forum.
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