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  1. Hi Cyknight, thanks you for your help. That's what I also thought. I am just afraid if in one zone of Triad amp. left channel is connected to this one speaker (with mono sound), and I do not connect right channel at all, would it affect a performance of amplifier or maybe damage it if only one channel is used? Thank you. A
  2. Problem is that I have only one two-wire speaker cable. I suppose that I will need to use this speaker as for mono sound.
  3. Thanks a lot for your help. If i want to connect only one speaker to triad amplifier, what do you recommend: do use only one channel of triad zone (and leave the other channel disconnected), or to bridge this two channel and connect to speaker?
  4. Also, one more question on top of this one: I have two small rooms (example toilets), and one speaker per toilet which need to be independent controlled. Speakers are not dual tweeter! I will then need to use MONO source right? In this case, is it possible (in order to save zones on amplifier) that I use only one zone of Triad amplifier (two channels) and on Left channel connect one Mono source for Triad matrix (example left RCA on zone 1 from Triad matrix), and on Right channels of Triad amplifier connect some other Mono source of Triad matrix (example Left RCA on zone 4 from Triad matrix). What could happened with amplifier if one of these two channels are muted (not used)? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, I have one project with multizone audio. I have 4 stereo zones, and I am using EA3 controler, TS-AMS8 matrix and TS-PAMP4-100 amplifier. Now, client wants to add one more speaker in bathroom. Can I use 3rd party stereo amp (two channels), and connect speaker to only one channel, and in composer set that matrix output for that zone is MONO? What will happen with amplifier if I use only one channel? Thanks in advance.
  6. So, If I have 5-6 Pakedge IP cameras, I can use Hikvision DS-7608NI NVR and I can record them on Hik HDD, right? Has anybody used this NVR with Pakedge cameras? I found on tech. that it is compatible with 3rd party cameras.
  7. Hello everyone, I am about to order a few new Pakedge cameras, but I want to record them on HDD on NVR. Can I use these cameras with some other NVR, because as far as I know, Control4 still don't have NVR device which can record video from Pakedge cameras.
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