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  1. Hi Alan, Given the fact that this C4 driver was dead. I would assume the market cap for Control4 system was a lot smaller a few years back then and the pricing for your driver may need a revision given the market have changed since? I know driver development work is niche and expensive. I have had developer working on low level things before. Though I don't know how much work this driver required. Btw, I believe everyone should have saw the news that Nvidia have released their own app for Keyboard/Mouse remote control recently for Nvidia Shield. I wonder if there is a good reason someone would want to pay good money for this driver + LANmote for a remote keyboard/mouse solution when Nvidia is providing it for free.... or maybe you would try to adapt your driver to work with Nvidia's remote KB/mouse app too?
  2. What you said is more or less what I meant. The Chowmain driver is useless if LANmote does not work, so in a way, it is making a profit out of LANmote, a profit that is out of proportion of LANmote's $4 selling price. On the other hand, LANmote is a standalone product and does not need Chowmain driver to be useful. Regardless, Alan Chow have contacted me directly and I will work with him to introduce features that would benefit the C4 integration driver. Well, price/revenue was not the only issue I had though. My pricing strategy was to be in par with Droidmote, our direct competitor who obviously have a larger market share, so consumer would consider LANmote instead of Droidmote. It is difficult to know what user do with my app until LANmote started not to work with this C4 driver integration and users started contacting me 1-2 years ago. Those who contacted me didn't really explain very well what they meant by C4 integration either. Otherwise, I won't even be posting here. Anyway, I had doubled the price of LANmote on Play Store, but it is on 50% discount for the next 6 days or so. So, if LANmote works for you, you might want to buy a copy before the price increases.
  3. Hi all, I am the person behind LANmote. Just want to let everyone know that I have publicly released version 1.6 for LANmote today and it should work with Android 6.x and 7.x now. Actually, it has been made available for a number of days under closed beta and open beta test but hardly anyone actually downloaded, test or provide any comment on it. (Where is everyone when I need your input to satisfy your needs?) Sorry for the long delay in update, the original developer left and it is difficult to find someone capable of taking over development of the app, especially when you consider the fact that LANmote had been making losses and it does not making enough money to pay for all the development work needed. Unlike the chowmain driver here that cost you $US130, our app's retail price is only about US$4. Plus, there are plenty of people distributing paid version of the app as well as cracked version of the paid app. As a consumer, I know you don't care but that is what you are most likely to get when the developer can't pay their expenses to support the app. Currently, based on backend Flurry and Play store crash reports, there appears to be problem with Android 8.x. I would need help from users with rooted Android 8.x to provide logs to help us fix the problem and test if changes we made actually fixes it. There will be new features coming in upcoming version when we get around to implement it. Please post in our support forum if you have specific request/suggestion on LANmote. I do listen to feedback but it may take a while to actually implement it due to financial/time difficulties. Alanchow: is there any missing features on LANmote that would help with your C4 driver? Thanks Eric
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