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  1. I have the same issue, what did you do to get it to work?
  2. Is this still available? If so, just to confirm, this is the plug-in module to allow the lock to communicate with Control4. Do you know if it is compatible with the Yale Assure SL (YRD-256) door lock? Thanks!
  3. I must be missing something, I don't see an option under custom settings to display weather as a screen saver. I see a lot of options, just not weather. I only see two ways to display the weather, one is to tap the current temp on the home screen, the other is to tap the comfort icon, then the weather icon. I'll take a look at the Chowmain advanced announcements driver, and try to figure out how to RTSP a weather station. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your help, I will take another look around the forum for further guidance.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't see any option to make the weather as a screen saver though. Do you know of any other way to make this work?
  6. During the wake-up scene, I'd like the T3 touch screen to display the weather for a brief period of time, is this possible? At the T3, under "Comfort", I see a "Weather" icon, this data is what I'd like to have displayed. Currently using an EA-5 at 2.10.4 Thanks for any guidance
  7. Looking for 4 Yale lock (YRD-256) C4 Zigbee modules
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