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  1. Does the battery vs wired version of the Nest Protect make a difference in terms of Control4 integration?
  2. What is the difference between Control4 switches vs KNX switches?
  3. I need a bunch of Control4 switches/dimmers and control hardware. Please PM me if you can get these, pricing for getting them all, etc Switches / Dimmers C4-SDAPD240-N (Dual Dimmer) 11 C4-SDSW240-N (Dual Switch) 19 C4-SAPD240-N (Single Dimmer) 3 C4-SSW240-N (Single Switch) 21 C4-SM201-Z (Puck Switch) 5 C4-DM201-Z (Puck Dimmer) 1 C4-KC240 (Keypad) 0 Control Hardware SR260 with dock 1 CA1 2 EA5 rack mount kit 1
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction for control4 integration of KNX lighting? How does it work exactly? Control4 switches are a bit limiting for me, and any light switch with more customizability is a great boon for me.
  5. I have a Daikin central air conditioning system. What is the best way for Control4 to control this system? I have included a photo of the thermostats in my home. I wouldn't want to take these off unless I can find something to cover the holes they'd leave behind
  6. Looks great! But where can I find it?
  7. I need a 1u rack mounted PDU that has 5 sockets. Are there any recommended options?
  8. There was a typo. I mean to say that the switch is cheaper than the keypad. Since the switch basically can do everything the keypad can, would I be better off getting them? Even if I dont need to control a lighting load, they have the same features and are cheaper according to my dealer
  9. My dealer is quoting a higher price for the switch than for the keypad... perhaps I should get the switches then even if I dont have lighting load?
  10. I'm rather new to Control4, and am looking into getting a variety of light switches and keypads. I look at the Square Configurable Keypad: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/square-wireless-config-keypad-240v/data-sheet/english/latest/square-wireless-config-keypad-240v-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf And the Square Wireless Switch: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/square-switch-240v/data-sheet/english/latest/square-switch-240v-data-sheet-rev-b.pdf Since the switch has configurable buttons like the keypad, does it mean it can do everything the keypad can in addition to being a light switch? In other words, is the Switch a Keypad + more features?
  11. Do you have any specific Somfy or Rollease options you'd recommend? I need something that works with custom fabrics because I have (semi-circular) arches on the tops of my windows. I need to custom make coverings for those too, and whatever blinds I get has to match the fabric of that. Therefore, the most likely option will be to go with a local fabric and order control/motors separately
  12. I’m looking for a Lutron or Qmotiom dealer to get automated blinds (roller or honeycomb/cellular types) that’ll be integrated with my control4 system. There aren’t any local dealers. Would have to be shipped to a China.
  13. There’s very little support network and dealerships where I am. The Z2IO box was their ideal. i already have picked out fabrics with them. Does this mean I just go somewhere that sells qmotiom or Lurton motors and order them? Are they standard or custom orders? Do they include the housing, etc for the motor and control? Would that be built to measure? also, how is the fabric attached to the motor? Can any fabric be attached?
  14. What Lutron or Qmotiom models in particular? I’m a little unclear on how it works, so please bear with me. Are the shades (I.e. fabric) and motor/control bought together, or are they separate? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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