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  1. I'm keeping my eye on this. I think Drayton have nailed it with this product, beats the pants of Nest from a functionality perspective, and heatmizer. The radiator valve control gives super simple individual room heating control, far far superior than just boiler or zoned area control. C4 integration would be amazing! I've actually used the 1st to market product of this type, sold by Aldous Systems, on a very large project as the valves link to Control4 through an Omni Pro II alarm panel (rubbish!), on paper the system would of been great, the valves worked on Zigbee (not C4 zigbee though unfortunately! so needed signal repeaters) and the valves having built in temperature sensors meant we could have independent radiator control without the client having drastic amounts of plumbing work done (36 rads in a Grade 1 listed building).... but it failed miserably! The quality was crap and the just did not function as I was told they would, they were replaced numerous times, and I'd even had a custom paint job done on them! Cost me a LOT of time and money and in the end we went back to standard manual vales until the market develops and a better product available... I think (hope) this might be it :) Just need someone to write the driver. I believe a few people have made good progress with this on the OpenHAB forum, doesn't help C4 users though I dont think
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