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  1. Ok, thanks for the reply. I am just kicking myself for not asking more specifically about this when I purchased. I would never.... Anyway, that's all done now. Am I able to use any C4 dealer to do something like this? If so, how? And what would it cost to add a device like a Roku?
  2. I had Magnolia install a home theater in my home several years ago. It includes a Control4 system that just basically functions as an all-in-one remote for the devices in that room. I do not use it that much, but I have learned that it seems I am completely locked out of the system I bought and only the dealer can make changes. I needed something done a couple years ago and they charged me like $250 to clean up the old install. If I had known this before I bought it, I would have never bought it. Now I am stuck.... I am considering dropping my directv satellite and going to Directv Now service instead, so I will need some way to get the apps. I use Roku in my home, so I was thinking of using Roku or maybe Fire TV. So my obvious question will be: Is there ANY way to add this thing myself and not get ripped off by a control4 dealer? I cannot imagine this is more than a 5 minute task.
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