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  1. How do you think the luma cameras perform in low light settings? SnapAV touts the starlight capabilities on the Visualant cameras and I am curious to get your thoughts on how the Luma bullet 700's and 500's compare to the starlight capabilities for night time and low light scenarios.
  2. Curious as to whether or not the the Luma 700's are the IP camera's? I had this exact issue with my (4 year old) wirepath camera's and my control 4 dealer could never get them adjusted to a satisfactory level. I am now in the market for new camera's and looking at Luma IP camera's but can't afford to make the same mistake twice.
  3. This is a negative for sure. I am curious to know your thoughts overall on these IP camera's. I have (4 year old)wirepath camera's today and have never been happy with video quality. I am moving into a new home and need to make a decision on camera's and want to get it right this time. Curious to know what would be your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for a camera system should you have it to do all over again. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
  4. With this zwave dongle will I have the all the native Control4 functions? Amauch as being able to set user codes from my control 4 app and being able to see who accessed and when? I don’t want to be limited like the guys above are describing with the Vera.
  5. So it works with a zwave dongle (do you mean zwave bridge?). Assuming I would still need to buy a driver as well, correct?
  6. Is there a control 4 driver that works with the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt? (BE479 CEN622). I am specifically looking for a deadbolt that works with control 4 that is black and matches my current entry knobs. Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated
  7. are there any control 4 drivers for sprinkler systems that can handle up to 20 zones?
  8. Winn

    Door locks

    Other than the smart locks by Kwikset, Yale and Baldwin are there other smart locks that have drivers available for control4? I have looked at the August locks also and curious to what additional choices I might have for a new house I am building. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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