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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to handle this? I would like a solution where when i approach my house with my bike, our garage door opens automatically. Would be great if it also closes when i ride away. I'm assuming there is nothing like a proximity sensor or even a sensor that tells c4 if you are within range or not? i.e have two sensors. One on the bike itself and one on me. If sensor a and sensor b disappear and the door is open, then close door If door is closed and sensor a and b appear, open door. Is that possible?
  2. Ahaa.. ok is that why the remote does not work after a use a sound command? Let me have a look around to see how to programmaticly select a source but im assuming that will be in the AVR right? Will check out media also. Thanks for your help!
  3. ok, managed to do that by keying each key individually. This is what i have up to now. fine tune it later on once i have some more time
  4. Ok, so i have it working perfectly. I say "alexa, turn on TV" and the avr turns on, Tv turns on and sky box turns on. It even presses cancel buttin to get out of the new default planner so it goes straight to TV. but Is there a way i can set the channel? There is an option on the driver but it does not seem to do anything and nothing in Device specific commands . Ideally i would like specific commands made such as "alexa, Watch bbc news" and for it to do all of the above + set channel to 503 on the skyq box. Tried a delay of 5 seconds but even from Moitoring it wont work so im assuming its a driver issue?
  5. Found it. Thanks for the guidance. Can now turn tv, sat and avr on with simple alexa command. great stuff!
  6. Hi, I can see both my denon AV receivers on composer but cant seem to switch either of them on programmaticly or via the monitoring tab. The on/off buttons are there and i can click on the on button, it turns green to indicate on but then switches back to gray immediately as i let go of the mouse button and the received remains off. When i click on watch Sky on my remote it does switch everything on so i know it CAN be done but for some reason it wont do it through Composer HE. Any ideas?
  7. thanks for the info. Will take your point on board.
  8. Crustyloafer Thanks for your detailed reply. - i have attached an image of the red button im talking about. Im assuming there are no issues with that? Im going to ask my dealer to completely wipe out all programming for all keypads. Just hope there are no issues with me reprogramming all of them. I have one that switches on TV and sets channel/input etc. I should be able to do tall of that using HE right? Any chance you could expand a little on point 3. I basically want the room switched off in 30 minutes. Are there any disadvantages of doing it the way i did it with a timer ?
  9. Thanks for the replies. Its disappointing to hear that i cant do the most basic keypad programming without reaching out to the dealer. Presumably people mess about with keypads here? if so what have they done? Is it best to just ask the dealer to wipe all the functionality from every keypad and start fresh? Is this true for question 2 also regarding remote functionality?
  10. hi all. I have been doing this for a few days now and starting to get a feel for everything which is great. I managed to set up a 30 minute timer and have the tv turn off and set it to fire on the red button press and a few other small fixes for the wife when she comes in in the dark. One is to turn the kitchen lights on if its 15:30 - 16:30 AND dark outside (i.e between sunset and sunrise) Small things but gives great satisfaction. 3 Questions please: 1. When i mess about with keypads, i cant seem to get things right. Its almost like its conflicting with the existing programming that the dealer put in. However, i cant find that programming anywhere so i can wipe it and start with a clean slate. Any ideas? 2. When i press watch and select sky tv on me bedroom tv it sometimes does not set the tv to the correct HDMI input. I think i just need to increase the delay between turning the tv on and trying to change input a little longer. But, again,i can find that programming. 3. Is there any way when creating a sleep timer to display basic info like Timer Activated or Timer off anywhere? Tried announcements and notifications but does not feel like thats the way to do it. I suspect there is no way but thought ill ask just in case. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks guys. I have contacted my dealer and he told me the IP that the remote is looking for and i set the skyq box to that IP and its all working perfectly again. Slowly learning.
  12. Hi All, Sky was down most of yesterday and today i had to go into the sky connection setup and mess about with the ip address to get it to reconnect. Stupidly i did not make a note of the manual ip that the skyq was set to. I now lost all sky functionality on my control4 remote. Everything else works fine. Just can use the remote any more for sky. Nit of a pain as the original skyq remote does not work from the lounge location as the sky box is in a rack in the next room. Could it be that it has something to do with the fact that the ip address of the sky box changed? If so, any ideas on how to find out what the ip was set to in the first place? Checked router logs but they dont go into such details. Any advice would be appreciated.
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