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  1. When installing a CA-1 is it OK to user the customers ISP provided wireless router/switch? Or is it recommended to install a Pakedge or Luxel switch and router for all jobs big or small?
  2. I would love to incorporate some thing like this! Could you tell me what faucets you are using for this and shower system?
  3. Hey C4 Fam! Looking for some ideas on scenes used in previous builds in kitchens and bathrooms. What scene's have you guys created in these areas of a home?
  4. Forgive me for my ignorance everyone... So I'm looking into Blue Iris as we speak... Is this software something we would set up on the Customers laptop/ PC per job?
  5. Thank you for everyone's feed! I have a bit of reach to do now.... I will keep everyone posted on what we decide...
  6. Hey C4 Crew, Can I get some recommendation for IP cameras that integrate well with C4?
  7. I understand, so the configurable keypads just need power and can control a load wirelessly using Zigbee technology between the switches directly hooked to a load? If i'm understanding this right
  8. Thank you for the reply! When looking at the products details of the Configurable Keypad it states that is can control lighting? I guess that whats a bit confusing to me... "The Control4® Wireless Configurable Keypad is an elegant and customizable user interface that unlocks the power of one-touch automation. The keypad can be configured to control almost anything from your music, garage doors, security systems, lights and more. The keypad can be configured with two to seven buttons using four different button sizes for a total of 37 possible configurations. Personalize the keypads based on how your system is set up using custom backlit engraving on each button. Available in 9 fashionable colors and finishes."
  9. I'm new to Control4 and just looking for some clarification between the two keypads. What is the main difference between between the Configurable keypad and the Keypad Dimmer? What is the circumstance to use the configurable Keypad vs the Keypad Dimmer?
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