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  1. Hey lippavisual, Thanks for yet another clue :). So, what would you recommend for a fixed IP camera above the front door? And the second question is kinda lame..., but how do I get the On Screen Navigator to pop up on my TV's? I have a WyreStorm HDMI 4x4 matrix, but HC250 controller's HDMI output is not connected to the unit... Cheers,
  2. Hey lippavisual, Thanks for your response. Here is more details re my issue and to clarify. The C4 controller is HC-250, I'm not sure if I can do anything with it in terms of video surveillance.... The house has rough-ins for 2 IP cameras: - The front door - the Ethernet cable protrudes from the corner above the front door. - The backyard - the cable comes out from the roof fascia. Both Cat6'es terminate in the basement where all the equipment is. What would you recommend for this setup in terms of hardware considering the "loose requirements" outlined in my initial post? In a nutshell: Get 2 IP cameras, use existing QNAP NAS for storage, integrate with C4, so both camera feeds can be viewed on TV's in the house and on smartphones... Thanks,
  3. I got a home with a previous' owner C4 system. I've been able to resolve most of the the kinks, but there is this one thing I'm at lost.. I would like to install 2 surveillance cameras. The house has two Cat6 cable feeds to the two camera locations terminating near the rack (one for the front door and one for the backyard). I'd like the front door camera to be with all bells and whistles (like a Ring doorbell?) using just the CAT6 cable for power and data (PoE?). The other camera facing the backyard with swivel ability... :) PoE as well? I'd like to view both camera feeds on any of my TV's in the house at any given time (via Control4 or other solution) I'd like to have access to both camera feeds from mobile devices. Also, I have a QNAP NAS TS-251 (Intel CPU) that I'd like to use to store the camera recordings (NVR?). If you guys can recommend a reasonably priced hardware/software solution for the above setup that integrates with C4, that would be great! Best Regards
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