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  1. Another thing, is it possible to switch rooms by one button? Example: Red button - Living room, Green button - Bedroom
  2. i never thought of creating 2 rooms, the rest i think i can figure it out. Thank you.
  3. I could not find any solution. we have TV in living room and its audio output connected to amplifier input 2 . EA3 audio output to Amplifier input 1. it is 8 zone audio matrix amplifier. And speakers in everyroom. The issue is homeowner does not want to listen audio from TV through speaker all the time. He want to use ceiling speaker sometimes, in example:while watching movie. So i used 1 custom button on SR-260 remote to change audio input between 1 and 2 for living room and it works but i cant manage Volume control. There is TV volume and amplifier volume and when the user listening through TV speaker he should be able to control TV volume with C4 remote control, when the user listening through ceiling speaker he should be able to control amplifier volume with C4 remote control. I think changing that volume control can only done in composer pro. Any solutions? sorry for my bad english.
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