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  1. Finally ... after a lot of trial and error ... I fixed the problem by just hitting "rename this PC" in Windows10. All worked fine afterwards. Appreciate everyone's help! Blessings to all.
  2. Yes ... and separate IP addresses. MAC is a Parallels in the lookup.
  3. I get a different error (see attachment). I've allocated 5 licenses and 1 registered fine using a PC. I'm using 2.10.5 since that's the current version of my controller. Interesting we all get different experiences. I'll call technical support tomorrow and hopefully they'll help and not say Mac / Parallels isn't supported.
  4. Appreciate quick response ... I've tried every setting in network (shared network, ethernet, etc.) and even tried to isolate the windows from Mac. Did you generate a new MAC?
  5. We're a new dealer with 4 techs that have Apple MacBooks running Parallels and the Composer program won't register. Not much guidance on the dealer portal other than older versions worked on Parallels. Anyone have success with Parallels or do we need to look at other solutions? Hate to buy 4 new PC laptops just for Composer.
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