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  1. Hi Everyone, I’ve read many of your posts– so big thx to all you. I’ve recently finished building a house., (multi-year project and depleted more costs than anticipated) living in it for 1 year (love it) and wrapping up the last projects on my list and now focused on Multi-Room Audio, you should note that I implemented a SmartHome solution using Loxone, so I can pretty much control everything, when I was pulling all my plans together it included WHA – but I hadn’t decided on a system…. But I had to prepare and laid cable ducts from every room, into a central room, inc backboxes into the ceilings for future ceiling speakers, I had to do this upfront as it’s a concrete building, so I had to plan as best I could ahead….. While building, I’ve converted to listening to streaming music services, so out go my NAS with all my ripped CD’s and DVD’s since ive flipped to Netflix and its just simple to use and all are voice controlled, so Voice control is a must for me (less requirement on Apps other than to manage settings). So now im at the juncture of what do I really want from my WHA, I still want one, but I want to voice control, play streaming music in any room interdependent (kids). I just cant settle on what type of system / set-up I want or to be honest what I really need. As I mentioned above, the house cost more than planned, so costs are a factor also. I want or have 11 Zones in the house and plan on having the same ceiling speakers in in every room, except the bathroom they will IP44, Make & model still to be decided TOTAL 11 Zones Alexa, is in every room and with Room Awareness I plan to use it to control every room inc Music. What would the best approach be ? 1 x Matrix + 2 x Amps Or 1 Matrix Amplifier I was thinking about the C4-16ZAMSV3-B, but i would likely only ever have 6 streams at any one time Welcome all thoughts / input. Thanks in advance
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